FBI Purposely Hid Documents by James Comey During Hoax Investigation (REPORT)

FBI Purposely Hid Documents by James Comey During Hoax Investigation (REPORT)

(RightWing.org) – The FBI’s investigation into President Donald Trump was a real low point in the bureau’s history – one of the most biased and corrupt probes ever carried out in this country. Now, it looks like the FBI was so determined to keep pushing ahead with the investigation that it stashed documents out of reach of the administration.

A hard-hitting report from The Hill says former deputy director Andrew McCabe, along with other senior Bureau officials, concealed memos of discussions between Comey and the president. 

McCabe Ordered Comey Documents Hidden

Copies of the notes were sent to at least three remote, secure servers so FBI officials would have material to restart the probe if the White House ordered a halt. The FBI knew that the president had the power to shut down their fake investigation, but they were determined to keep it running.


They Tried to Hide Everything

This revelation comes just days after Christopher Steele, the renegade ex-SIS agent who wrote the fake dossier on President Trump to help the Clinton campaign, admitted he never wanted the file to be released to the public. The president’s enemies in the deep state will stop at nothing to discredit him, even when they know they’re spreading lies.

This was a very corrupt operation. And all of it was about tearing down President Donald Trump. What do you think of Comey’s actions? Email us and let us know!

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