FBI Probes Woman Who Leaked Biden’s Daughter’s Diary

FBI Probes Woman Who Leaked Biden's Daughter's Diary

FBI TARGETS Biden’s Daughter’s Accuser

(RightWing.org) – The controversy surrounding President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his now-infamous laptop continue to draw unwanted attention. Likewise, Project Veritas’ 2020 purchase of a diary belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, is also creating its fair share of problems. Now it’s led to an FBI investigation into the woman who found it.

Aimee Harris reportedly discovered the diary under the mattress of a Palm Beach halfway house she moved into in 2020, shortly after Ashley Biden returned to Philadelphia. She allegedly sold it to the non-profit journalism enterprise Project Veritas.

The Daily Mail (TDM) recently published an exposé detailing the recent launch of an FBI probe into Aimee Harris. An unnamed source told TDM federal investigators were looking into possible criminal charges related to the sale of the diary.

“The feds… aren’t saying it was illegal to find the diary,” the source stated, adding that neither are they claiming “Aimee stole anything.” Instead, the sale of the journal interests investigators, and the fact that Ashley Biden is the daughter of a sitting president “kicks [the inquiry] to a different legal level,” the source concluded.

The diary contains damning entries regarding Ashley Biden’s extramarital affairs, financial problems, and chronic issues related to her drug abuse. She also claimed she took showers with her father in a notation from early 2019.

Why do you think the FBI launched the investigation into Harris’ actions, and why did they wait until now?

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