FBI Insider Says “Booming Breach” of National Security Has Happened

FBI Insider Says

(RightWing.org) – Officials with a multi-agency federal task force raided a Washington, DC, luxury apartment on April 6. They arrested two men for impersonating federal officers and cozying up to at least one Homeland Security official and four Secret Service agents working on the security details of President Joe Biden, his wife, and Vice President Kamala Harris. An FBI insider recently weighed in on the incident.

Chris Swecker, a former assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigation Division, told Fox News Digital the two men’s alleged actions constituted a “booming breach of national security.”

As Swecker explained, the suspects’ ability to penetrate the Secret Service means they could get to the president and first family.

Swecker also pointed out he thought the suspects appeared well-funded and probably weren’t lone actors. He explained that it all seems “very calculated… and smells like an operation to me.”

A court document filed by prosecutors on April 10 bolsters Swecker’s analysis. The 11-page supplemental memorandum in support of detaining the two suspects concluded the men “possessed illegal firearms and ammunition, [fake] badges… and surveillance and forced entry tools.”

The memorandum also alleged an unnamed individual tipped off the men about the raid, and they appeared to have attempted to conceal evidence with the help of a federal law enforcement agent.

What are your thoughts regarding this kind of national security breach?

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