FBI: Half of All Anti-US Spies From This One Country

FBI: Half of All Anti-US Spies From This One Country

(RightWing.org) – China spends a lot of time defending its brutal, totalitarian policies because it always claims to be under threat. For example, its recent crackdown on Hong Kong was justified as a defense against Western subversion. Who are the real bad guys, though? The FBI just revealed that China is responsible for half of all the counterintelligence cases it’s working on.


FBI Director Christopher Wray, who leads America’s counterintelligence efforts, said Tuesday that China is involved in almost half the Bureau’s active spy cases.

  • Talking to the Hudson Institute in Washington, Wray said that the FBI is currently working on around 5,000 espionage cases, representing the theft of US government and commercial information on a massive scale.
  • According to Wray, just short of half those cases are connected to China, which is an astonishing figure. It means Beijing is running almost as many spy operations against the US as the world’s other 205 nations, combined.
  • China is believed to be working to collect data on health care, pharmaceutical research and academic work related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is believed to have started because of sloppy procedures at a Chinese virus research lab, according to Wray. China could potentially profit from the pandemic by using stolen US research to manufacture and sell a cure for the disease.
  • Wray also said, “If you’re an American adult, it is more likely than not that China has stolen your personal data.” As well as traditional espionage, China is using hackers to break into online databases and steal information from them.
  • China is even using social networking apps like TikTok to harvest information. While these apps mostly collect low-grade data, it can be filtered. Hidden among the vast amounts of data, there will potentially be ways to identify people with access to sensitive information and motives to blackmail or compromise them into working for China.

Since the 1990s, China has stolen data on US thermonuclear warheads, missile designs, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and CIA networks in Asia. Commercial data has also allowed Chinese companies to counterfeit American electronics and consumer goods, costing our economy billions.

The FBI and the Trump administration are working on the problem, but it’s on a massive scale, so vigilance all around is key. Keep your passwords safe, change them often and don’t use apps like TikTok.

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