FBI Discovers That Iran Targeted Trump Campaign Before Election (REPORT)

FBI Discovers That Iran Targeted Trump Campaign Before Election (REPORT)

(RightWing.org) – Iran is responsible for a fake email intimidation campaign aimed at discrediting President Trump, according to the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence. DNI John Ratcliffe told journalists on October 21 that Iran and Russia are both working to disrupt the election and have obtained some voter registration information – but thousands of threatening emails were specifically linked to Iran.

Emails sent to registered Democrats in several swing states claimed to be from the right-wing Proud Boys group and told recipients the group would “come after” them if they didn’t vote for Trump. Google says around 25,000 of the emails were sent to Gmail users, but they managed to stop about 90% of them from being delivered. It has been shown the Proud Boys were not involved.

Meanwhile, although Ratcliffe didn’t give details on Russia’s activities, Democrats are trying to spin the Hunter Biden email scandal as Russian disinformation. Ratcliffe told reporters on Monday that no intelligence links the emails to Russia, and the FBI said on Tuesday they had nothing to add to Ratcliffe’s statement.

Voter intimidation is serious. If you feel you are being targeted, contact the FBI Voter Intimidation hotline at 1-866-733-2463.

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