FBI Director Reveals Chinese Spying Plot On US Soil: “Blew Me Away”

FBI Director Reveals Chinese Spying Plot On US Soil:

(RightWing.org) – It’s no great secret the Chinese have been spying on the United States using telecommunications systems and cultural exchange programs for years. Yet, somehow, the current FBI Director recently expressed surprise over the full extent of the plot, telling a reporter the news “blew me away.”

On Tuesday, February 1, FBI Director Chris Wray sat down for an interview with NBC News host Pete Williams to discuss his agency’s efforts to end China’s spying. Wray dropped a major bomb early on in the interview when he admitted the FBI opens an average of 2 counter-intelligence investigations a day involving Chinese espionage on US soil, totaling an estimated 2,000 ongoing investigations and counting.

According to Wray, the sheer volume of the problem blew him away. Reinforcing the severity of the problem, Wray added he’s not the kind of guy who typically used words like “blown away.”

Putting those figures in context, Wray explained no other nation “presents a broader, more severe threat” to American innovation and economic security than China.

Wray followed up on Chinese spy operations later that day during a speech at the Ronald Reagan Library. He told attendees China’s counter-intelligence efforts had reached “more brazen” and damaging levels than any other point in history.

Now might be a good time for President Joe Biden to return to Donald Trump’s no-nonsense, “America First” approach to foreign policy.

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