FBI Could Be in Hot Water After What Judge Ruled

FBI Could Be in Hot Water After What Judge Ruled

FBI Possibly In HOT WATER After Judge’s Ruling

(RightWing.org) – On August 22, former President Donald Trump’s attorney filed a motion seeking the appointment of a special master to review materials seized from his Mar-a-Lago residence by federal agents earlier that month and other relief. A federal judge in Florida’s Southern District recently granted the motion in part, creating potential legal hot water for the FBI.

On September 5, US District Judge Aileen Cannon issued an order granting the former president’s request for a special master and barring further review of seized materials by FBI agents.

Judge Cannon applied a multi-prong test while scrutinizing Trump’s motion. The court

  • Reviewed whether the government “displayed a callous disregard” for Trump’s constitutional rights finding the current record didn’t support that premise.
  • Considered whether Trump had an “individual interest… for the seized property,” holding he did due to the personal nature of some of the materials like clothing, medical records, and privileged attorney/client documents.
  • Examined whether the former president could suffer “irreparable injury” if she denied his motion. The court determined he could.

The court decided to grant the request for a special master to preserve “the appearance of fairness and integrity under the extraordinary circumstances presented” by Trump’s motion. However, she also noted that the FBI appeared to overlook privileged material while performing its first review of the materials using its own filter teams.

The FBI could face legal trouble depending on the outcome of the special master’s review of materials and whether everything seized by the bureau fell under the scope of its search warrant. Stay tuned!

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