FBI Agent Blows His Own Credibility in Whistleblower Case

(RightWing.org) – A Gordian knot is a phrase used to represent a completely unsolvable problem, and many conservative commentators have said that President Joe Biden is not shy about bringing the full force of the federal government into tying one when it comes to the scandals surrounding his family, particularly his son Hunter. In order to keep track of the most recent chapter of the story, it is important to identify the three main characters involved:

  • Gary Shapley, IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent, the whistleblower. 
  • Thomas Sobocinski, FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Baltimore field office. 
  • David Weiss, Department of Justice (DOJ) US attorney in Delaware, lead prosecutor in charge of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax filings and business dealings.

Now SAC Sobocinski’s credibility is being called into question and it’s his own fault.

Congressional Testimonies

Sobocinski testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, September 7, and tried to refute the testimony that Shapley had previously given to the House Ways and Means Committee. However, it is the self-contradiction within his statement that has some (not any of Joe Biden’s lapdogs in the Leftist media, of course) questioning his credibility.

The Baltimore SAC entered the chamber flanked by two lawyers, one representing the DOJ and the other for the FBI, they were NOT there representing Sobocinski. An article in the Federalist says that they obtained and reviewed the transcript of his testimony, and reported on his convoluted statements when it came to Weiss and his authority.

First, Sobocinski told the panel that he “was consistently aware that David Weiss had the authority to bring the charges” against Hunter Biden in any district he would choose. He went on to claim that from day one of his posting to Baltimore “the understanding and the communication [between the two was] that he had that authority.”

The New York Post also reviewed the transcripts of Sobocinski’s testimony and revealed he then backtracked on those definitive statements when he said “there was, like, a bureaucratic administrative process” that Weiss would have to go through to charge Hunter Biden, but claimed that he did not remember the prosecutor using the word “approval.”

All three men were present at an October 7, 2022 meeting on this topic and Sobocinski claims that he could not recall Weiss denying he had the authority to bring charges on his own. However, according to a letter sent by Shapley’s attorneys to the Judiciary Committee on September 13, Sobocinski neither took notes in the meeting nor documented what took place in the meeting immediately afterward.

On the other hand, Shapley took handwritten notes during the meeting, and the lawyers attached those to their letter, and those, along with his fresh recollections were the basis of an email he sent to his superiors that evening. One of the first notes made clearly says “Weiss stated — he is not the deciding person.” Another note quotes Weiss as declaring he asked to be named special counsel so he could bring charges but “main DOJ said no.”

Joe Biden Also in the Crosshairs

All of this comes as Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) directed three committees, including Ways and Means and Judiciary, to open impeachment inquiries into Joe Biden. Some Left-leaning news outlets see this as an escalation of the committee probes underway by now giving them additional subpoena powers for witnesses and documents.

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