Fauci Ironically Divides While Condemning Division

Fauci Ironically Divides While Condemning Division

(RightWing.org) – Wading into politics is a risky business if you work for the government. As a matter of law, federal government employees cannot express support or opposition to political candidates, political parties, or political groups. However, when it comes to talking about political issues, the lines turn gray very fast — and no one seems better at blurring them than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Fauci often wades into subject matters that don’t relate to his expertise as an infectious disease doctor or the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). On Sunday, May 16, Fauci dove into the divisive issue of race and then proceeded to ironically denounce divisions as destructive, reinforcing that America can’t trust him.

Fauci Claims Pandemic Exposed Racism

There is virtually no more controversial issue or topic than that of racism. On Sunday, May 16, during Dr. Fauci’s speech before the graduation class of Emory University, he stated that COVID-19 put a spotlight on “society’s failings.” He said that essential workers were more likely to be exposed to COVID-19. That’s true.

However, what’s problematic is that the immunologist singled out minority groups and implied they were largely the ones likely to become infected, and not just because they were working. He claimed that minorities’ financial situation, healthcare issues, and diet were “undeniable effects of racism in our society.” He added that correcting the wrongs against minorities will require a commitment that lasts decades.

What’s worse is that while Fauci brought up a divisive political issue, he stated, “Societal divisiveness is counterproductive in a pandemic.” This seems particularly out of place considering the divisive language he used moments before.

Should Fauci Wade Into Political or Societal Issues?

As a government-employed immunologist, Fauci is not a politician, sociologist, activist, or public relations expert. While his points may not be wrong, they could be construed as irresponsible. It doesn’t take much imagination to hear Fauci’s words being used by the far-left. Wait… those are the words of the far-left. We’ve heard this language before.

What Fauci did was give political credence to the Left in his official capacity as the director of the NIAID. Now, they can point to an expert’s words as proof they need to fulfill their leftist agenda. Yet, Fauci claims he doesn’t like divisiveness. That is, unless, of course, he’s the one creating it.

Once again, Fauci’s penchant for contradictions is on full display.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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