Farming Economy Stabilizes Under Trump

Farming Economy Stabilizes Under Trump

( – American industry and the economy lie in tatters for the most part due to oppressive Democratic-led quarantines and restrictions levied as an exaggerated response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous companies have gone out of business permanently. Congress continues quarreling over relief efforts preferring to apply bandages to the problem instead of offering real solutions.

Inversely President Donald Trump’s decisive leadership regarding farmers put the industry back on track in no time. Net income for United States farmers is expected to spike about 43% to almost $120 billion, the highest rise in seven-years according to an early December 2020 report.

As reported, the increased profits were realized due to the president providing two rounds of COVID-19 relief to farmers. That direct government aid accounted for a total of nearly 40% of the year’s expected net farm income, up to a record $46.5 billion over 2019’s $22.4 billion.

Democrats flinched when the president began pressing China over trade policies impacting American farmers. Meanwhile, he got the job done. Numbers don’t lie.

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