Famous People Are Secretly Buying Up Fake Vaccine Certificates

Famous People Are Secretly Buying Up Fake Vaccine Certificates

Famous People Are SECRETLY Buying These Illegal Documents

(RightWing.org) – Across much of Europe and in some cities in the United States, governments required COVID vaccination proof to enter restaurants, sporting events, and other indoor venues. Still, some people — for whatever reason — chose not to get the vaccine. On the black market, the mandates created a massive opportunity; providing fake COVID-19 vaccination cards for those who wanted the freedoms associated with following the mandates without getting the shots.

In late May, a story in Europe broke that alleged over 2,200 famous and influential Spaniards purchased fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates. Among them were entertainers, sports figures, business leaders, medical professionals, politicians, and even the CEO of one of Spain’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The question is: why are so many people secretly buying fake vaccine certificates?

Major Criminal Investigations Underway

Allegedly, famous people purchased fake COVID certificates from a nurse. Police stumbled onto the scheme while researching extremism on the dark web. So, how did the scam grow?

Investigators began looking on the dark web for various activities. Eventually, they started interacting with a Muslim from an extremist group. They arranged to meet in France, but the man said he didn’t have a COVID-19 passport because he wasn’t vaccinated.

The undercover police told the Muslim extremist they could get him on the National Registry of Vaccination. They made contact with a woman with a criminal record. She led the investigators to a nursing assistant at the Hospital of La Paz. Investigators learned the young nursing assistant was also a militant and hardcore COVID-19 denier. Still, his status didn’t give him the authority to access the registry database.

With some more digging, they found a nurse was the likely culprit who accepted money in the form of cryptocurrency in exchange for registration on the national COVID database.

Police charged the nursing assistant for his role in the massive scheme, which earned him over 200,000 euros. He admitted to the police that the more famous the person was, the more money he charged them.

Who Bought the Fake Certificates?

Authorities said that wealthy people who didn’t want to get vaccinated but wanted the social benefits of vaccination paid for the fake certificates. The most interesting on the list was José María Fernández Sousa-Faro; he’s the President of PharmaMar, one of Spain’s largest pharmaceutical companies and a company that researched COVID-19 drugs.

In addition, the following bought the fake certificates among thousands of others:

  • One of Spain’s wealthiest men, Trinitario Casanova
  • Famous doctor Camilo Esquivel
  •  Singer Kidd Keo
  • Soccer player Bruno Gonzalez Cabrera

So, why would wealthy, famous people risk breaking the law by buying a fake COVID certificate instead of getting vaccinated?

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