Fact-Checkers Catch Kamala Harris’ Big Lies

Fact-Checkers Catch Kamala Harris' Big Lies

(RightWing.org) – The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan went very bad, very fast. The loss of 13 soldiers and countless Americans left behind made it one of the biggest failures of the Biden administration.

Despite the debacle dragging on, corporate media says very little about it. The White House also tries to sidestep questions about the Americans abandoned behind enemy lines. Now, Vice President Kamala Harris is trying to lie about the situation and pass blame to the former administration.

The Harris Interview

On December 26, Harris sat down with Margaret Brennan on CBS’ Face the Nation. When the host confronted her about the Afghanistan withdrawal, she mentioned the vice president had talked about not leaving allies behind.

Harris quickly started pointing the finger at former President Donald Trump. She said he made a deal with the Taliban without any input from the Afghan government, and the Biden administration had no choice but to honor it.

Brennan clarified that the administration decided to extend the deal’s deadline. The vice president confirmed that but ultimately determined they could not end it because that would cause a war, and she doesn’t regret the decision.

The host moved on to asking about the Afghan women, saying on the campaign trail the vice president promised to stand up for them and protect the rights they held. Harris confirmed that she strongly feels that way, but Brennan points out that they don’t have those rights under the Taliban.

Harris stated the White House is still supporting those women and helping them through the United Nations (UN). She said the US is the “biggest donor of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.” The host pointed out that much of the aid won’t ever go to the women and those who need it due to the terrorist’s control over the country.

That led to the host asking the vice president if she worries that the Biden administration abandoned those women. Harris admits it is one of the biggest concerns, and she is disappointed the terrorist organization is not complying with the right way to treat women.


While Harris didn’t give away much information about how the White House will address this crisis, she did stick with a narrative that is not true. One of her biggest lies was about Trump’s deal with the Taliban. She said the former president only worked with the terrorist organization and not the legitimate government of the nation, which is a lie. Trump did include the Afghan government in negotiations.

Harris also failed to talk about the agreement’s conditions that the Biden administration ignored. Under Trump, the withdrawal date was set in May intentionally due to the weather that would have made a Taliban takeover more difficult. Biden also failed to do a complete withdrawal, which Harris admitted when speaking about the women and allies left behind.

The bottom line is that while the former president may have crafted a deal concerning Afghanistan, the Biden administration botched it by not abiding by multiple essential stipulations. Harris can talk around the issue and reassure the people that Afghanistan is a concern for the administration, but not taking responsibility for the enormous mistakes is a bad look for the White House.

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