Fact Check: Why Are So Many Leftists Against Buttigieg?

Fact Check: Why Do so Many Leftists Hate Buttigieg?

The DNC presidential candidate field is simultaneously easy to understand, yet full of nuance.

It’s easy in the sense that Democrats want their beloved Joe Biden to win the nomination. He’s arguably the safest bet from the perspective of established Democratic hierarchies. On the other hand, there are the radical progressives like Senators Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

The nuance comes in the form of determining which candidates would be the established Dems’ alternative pick if the Biden plan doesn’t pan out. To that end, Pete Buttigieg markets himself as a balance between progressive policy and someone who won’t rock the boat too much. However, for all of his self-marketing of compromising between progressives and established Dems, Buttigieg receives a seemingly disproportionate amount of flack from the Left.

Let’s dig in and find out why.

  • Buttigieg has climbed in the polls, which means more attention overall. That means he’s bound to receive more negative criticism as well.
  • Progressive Leftists seem to favor the “Bernie or Bust” mentality. If they can’t get socialism, then no one deserves to win the DNC nomination.
  • Buttigieg was notably vague about specifics on his policies during the onset of his campaign and during the first few DNC debates. Now that he’s clarified some of his stances, like “Medicare For All Who Want It,” some toxic leftists aren’t happy that his plan isn’t 100% free.
  • Younger voters are, justified or not, more disillusioned by politicians of an older generation and their policies. To that end, leftists erupt when they see Pete, someone closer to their age, take a more balanced, traditional stance on climate change.
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  • Radical Dems see Buttigieg more like a “corporate sellout” than someone who might fix the apparent systemic change rotting America from the inside. Nevermind that Trump is already doing good by America, a Democrat can only do so much good. Still, wouldn’t a more balanced approach be better than giving right into socialism?
  • Buttigieg’s moderate takes on most issues lead progressives to believe that he’s sort of a Trojan Horse for “bad” policies. Not only does he support bad policies he’s somehow arrogant, dangerous and racist according to some “fans”.
  • Buttigieg’s time as a management consultant at McKinsey makes him inherently untrustable to some Democrats. This seems to be further proof that he’s sold out to corporate interests. A similar phenomenon can be found with Warren after her previous work records were released.
  • Progressives make constant comparisons between Biden and Buttigieg as if they’re both the same candidate. According to them, there are “superficial” differences between the two, but at his core, Buttigieg is Biden 2.0.
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  • Tim Miller, a moderate gay Republican, shared his insight regarding the only gay candidate on the 2020 field. “They’re the meanest. Within the gay community, unfortunately, I think it’s a lot of resentment that Pete does not represent the gay ideal — the pre-conceived notions about what a gay President would act like… The idea that he’s a closet Republican is absurd, but I think because of his nature as a mild-mannered, traditional-acting religious man, that it’s easier to demean him as being Republican-lite.”

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  1. Hannah Arendt, a Jewish girl who had to flee Nazism twice, first in ’33 from Germany and later, in ’41 from France, had this to say about Socialism as she wrote 35 books on dictators.
    “Our tradition of political thought had its definite beginning in the teachings of Plato and Aristotle.
    I believe that it came to a no less definite end in the theories of Karl Marx.”

  2. Everyone It doesn’t make any difference who wins the Demagogues nomination….they can’t beat Trump in 2020.
    4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!
    USA. USA. USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’m

  3. With all the Islamic Countries America has to deal with, he would not be able to handle the U.S. Presidency………he and his husband, represent everything Islamics hate and they behead them, kill them, and this is not just Islamic countries, Socialist Communist Countries hate their lifestyles too………………….Is this what we want running our country? Worrying our President could be killed, beheaded, murded by these people? Personally, I believe he is an idiot to even think of being a U.S. Prez!

  4. Maybe Pete should write a “Tell All Book” called “Dreams of my Father” to let everybody know how hard life has been for him and what he wants the World to be like if he’s elected !

  5. Bernie, Bloomberg, Biden and Buttigieg, the B men are just not what people are looking for. Booker will be the book end and Beto, with his money, it sure flies and spends its way out of sight.

  6. Whomever ever supports a gay agenda is a sick SOB hell no,no faggots in my White House, no trannies no alphabet people,you scum represent shit

  7. The article referred to Buttigieg as Biden 2.0-to me he looks more like Carter 2.0. I remember Carter as being incompetent and in way over his head. Many call Carter the worst president we have ever had (though for my money, it is Obama, hands down, who owns that distinction). Buttigieg is smart and so was Carter, but for the love of Pete, Buttigieg hasn’t even successfully run the small town of South Bend.

    • Oh yeah. Ovomit the puppet was the worst ever. I don’t think Carter had a clue about how to be a POTUS. He was not used to all the corruption on such a grand scale, and the toughness it would take. He was really just a southern gentleman lost in yankeeland. I just think he really didn’t have a clue.

  8. Peter Buttplug is a Gay plain and simple- not the Standard Americans look to as a leader-Homosexuality is still an abomination in the eyes of God which most people have no idea about- Heterosexuals have maintained reproduction of the Human Species since the beginning of time.

  9. None of the democrat hopefuls reassure me that they can or will run the country in its best interest. I also feel that Pete is way over his head. The swamp will eat him alive, and leave him by the roadside a broken man. In fact I think their working on that now.

  10. Pete butt plug it’s not even a reasonable facsimile of a national leader. I will concede that he makes Eric swalwell and Beto O’Rourke look like sandbox 2 year olds. The whole lineup brings down IQ level because he’s been in there to about 85 and that stretches it a bit. With all the moronic Acts spell deserve go back to California and live out on the streets with the other mentally ill drug addict scum of some unknown descent. Merry effing Christmas

  11. In Summary, the left Does Not have a choice with candidates that only have a socialist plan that will destroy our country, Pure n Simple!!!!


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