Fact Check: Were Harris and Warren Right to Call Michael Brown’s Death Murder?

The 2014 death of Michael Brown was a hugely controversial incident that played a big part in the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Left-wing narrative was that Brown, singled out because of his color, was deliberately gunned down by a racist cop. The evidence said differently — but, five years later, Democrat presidential candidates are trying to breathe new life into the controversy to boost their election hopes. So, was Brown’s death murder, like Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) just said it was?


  • August 9th was the fifth anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, at the hands of a police officer. The 18-year-old was unarmed when he was shot, and his death became a major cause for the Left. Last week, two Democrat presidential candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, tried to resurrect the incident and make political capital out of it.
  • Kamala Harris marked the anniversary with this tweet:

  • The implications of this tweet are clear — Harris is saying Brown was murdered — killed illegally and with malicious intent — and that racism played a role in it.
  • Elizabeth Warren went even further, saying:

  • However, an inquiry by the Department of Justice under the Obama administration conclusively found that Brown’s death was not murder — and it certainly wasn’t racist. Michael Brown was killed because his own antisocial, criminal and violent actions led him into a confrontation with an armed cop.
  • Around 11:50 on the day of his death, Michael Brown — 6’ 4″ tall and weighing around 292 pounds — assaulted a convenience store clerk and stole a box of cigars. A few minutes later, he and a friend, walking in the street and obstructing traffic, were challenged by Officer Darren Wilson. Wilson told the men to get on the sidewalk; they refused.
  • Brown then assaulted Wilson and tried to take his service weapon, before running away. Wilson pursued until Brown turned and charged him. Wilson then opened fire, killing Brown.
  • Eyewitnesses who claimed Brown had his hands up and called “Don’t shoot,” or that said Brown was shot in the back, or who said Wilson stood over his body and fired more shots to finish him off, later admitted to a grand jury that they were lying. All the credible eyewitnesses say that Wilson fired in self-defense when he was charged by a much larger, aggressive man — and self-defense is not murder.
  • Harris and Warren are making claims they know to be false. By doing that they’re risking stirring up racial tensions that are already high enough, they’re also maliciously smearing the name of an innocent man who had to use lethal force in the line of duty.

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