Fact Check: Was Cohen Working with Russian Agents?

Fact Check: Was Cohen Working with Russian Agents?
Fact Check: Was Cohen Working with Russian Agents?

Bitter Leftists seem to have accused President Trump of just about every crime it’s possible to commit, but the only allegations that could really sink his presidency if true are the claims that he colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election. The problem the Left has is that there isn’t actually any evidence of this. Now they’re scrabbling for any tenuous link they can find. Right now the spotlight is on Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen. Is Cohen a typical sleazy lawyer? Sure. Was he working with Russian agents to subvert American democracy? Well, that’s not so clear.


  • It’s been claimed that Cohen took over management of contacts with Russia after Paul Manafort was fired as Trump’s campaign manager. At this point, the idea that Cohen was meeting with Russians on Trump’s behalf is the only thing keeping the collusion story going. Yes, of course Trump and his senior officials had contact with Russians, including Vladimir Putin himself. Russia is a major global power, and if you want to be president of the US you should probably start talking to Moscow early on. So, to prove evil intent, something more clandestine has to be found.
  • Now insiders are saying that special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has evidence of Cohen visiting Prague in late summer 2016. That shouldn’t exactly be controversial; Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, a NATO ally and member of the European Union. It’s a friendly country. But there’s more going on here.
  • According to the so-called “Trump Dossier”, Cohen did visit Prague in late August or early September of 2016 – and when he was there he allegedly met with several members of the Russian government. It’s claimed these included officials from Putin’s legal department and the head of the Russian parliament’s foreign relations committee – pretty influential people.
  • The problem is that the “Trump Dossier” was written by a former foreign intelligence officer who was paid to do it by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team. It isn’t exactly an official report – and few of the claims in it are backed up by any real evidence.
  • Meanwhile, the Czech authorities say they have no record of Cohen visiting their country. The Czechs might be in NATO now, but their intelligence and security services were set up and trained by the old KGB. They’re very, very good – and if a senior member of Trump’s team had visited Prague, chances are they’d have known about it.
  • Cohen also showed his passport to Buzzfeed, which isn’t exactly known for being pro-Trump. There’s only one stamp for a trip to Europe in 2016, and that’s for a visit to Italy – in early July.

So Cohen wasn’t in Prague when the “Trump Dossier” claims he was, and that means its claims about who he met there can be thrown in the trash. Could he have been meeting Russian agents anyway? Yes, of course – but so could anyone. There’s no evidence that Cohen was, so that’s another nail in the coffin of the collusion stories.