Fact Check: Texas Cutting Hillary Clinton Out of School Curriculums

Fact Check: Texas Cutting Hillary Clinton Out of School Curriculums
Fact Check: Texas Cutting Hillary Clinton Out of School Curriculums

For better or worse, Hillary Clinton is, in fact, a part of American history. But the sheer amount of media spin around her actions before, during, and after the 2016 elections has created a lot of “fake news” stories about her achievements and transgressions. Some of these are of course true, while others are a mixture of the truth and falsehoods designed to improve her public appearance.
Earlier in November, 2018, Texas took the surprising action of removing her from their school curriculums altogether. Right-leaning news articles praised schools for removing her due to her transgressions, while left-leaning news articles claimed it was an attempt to slander and censor Democrats.
The problem? Neither of those were really true. Here’s why it really happened – and why the decision was later reversed.


• Texas absolutely did decide to cut Clinton from the curriculum back in September. However, the decision was part of a wider move to trim it because teachers were struggling to fit everything into the school year.
• Topics around Helen Keller, Barry Goldwater, and a long list of other American political figures from the past were also removed.
• Donna Bahorich, chairperson of the Texas State Board of Education, explained the decision shortly after it was made. “Texas simply has too many learning standards, required to be taught and assessed on state assessments, for educators to cover in a year.”
• To make the decision, the TSBE created a volunteer working group who assessed topics using a stringent point system. They received points if they showed a diverse perspective, if they somehow changed American history, or if they made a significant impact on underrepresented groups.
• Hillary landed a solid five, while Goldwater received zero points. Keller, on the other hand, scored a seven. Famous TV evangelist Billy Graham scored four points – less than Hillary.
• Despite news articles stating that Texas removed Hilary out of spite or to censor Democratic voices, it seems the exact opposite was true. She was removed only after a very careful, facts-based investigation of her importance by a volunteer group – alongside many other notable figures.
• The decision to remove her didn’t remain effective, anyway. After reversing it on November 14, 2018, the TSBE re-initiated topics about Clinton and her contribution to American politics. Whether or not you agree or disagree with her viewpoints, she is in Texas to stay – at least for now.