Fact Check: Sanders Says People Don’t Like Private Insurance

Bernie Sanders wants to be president, but he has a problem — he’s a socialist relic, way out to the left of what the American people are ever going to elect if he runs on what he actually believes. To get around this problem, he’s trying to come up with eye-catching populist ideas that will get him into the White House, so he can actually start turning the US into Venezuela. One of his ideas is “Medicare for all,” which he thinks is a vote winner because, as he says, people don’t like private health insurance. But is this true?


Senator Bernie Sanders wants to radically shake up the US health system by bringing in Medicare for all and banning private insurance. According to Sanders, this is a popular policy because Medicare is the most popular health plan in the US and people don’t like private insurance. The trouble is, if you look at the polling data, Sanders isn’t exactly wrong, but he’s also a long way from right.

  • It’s true that Medicare is the most popular health insurance program in the US. Is anyone surprised at that? If you’re eligible for Medicare — over 65 or with certain disabilities — it’s basically free. So when a 2018 Gallup poll says 75% of people covered by Medicare think it’s working well, is that actually impressive? Maybe we should be more interested in why 25% of people who get free or nearly free health care don’t think it’s working well.
  • Private health insurance is less popular than Medicare — but that doesn’t mean it’s unpopular. Yes, people are less likely to be satisfied with what their care costs them — but a majority still are. The same Gallup poll found that 51% of people with private insurance were satisfied with their costs, compared to 70% of Medicare users.
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  • Health insurance companies are unpopular, with 51% disliking them and only 44% having a favorable view, but actual private health insurance is liked by most of the people who use it — and that’s been the case for years.
  • Even in countries with socialized medicine, private insurance is popular. The UK has its National Health Service that’s totally free at the point of use, but 10% of the population is willing to pay for private coverage. In Germany, where most people are insured through state-supervised health funds, they had to pass a law to stop people earning below $61,000 a year from switching to private plans.
  • If Bernie thinks banning private insurance is a vote winner, he’s very wrong. A poll this past January found that 56% of Americans think Medicare for all is a good idea, based on the general concept — but if you tell them the plan involves eliminating private insurance that falls to just 37%.
  • Sanders is wrong about private insurance being unpopular, and he’s even more wrong about his health plans being his ticket to the Oval Office.
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  1. People who love their insurance are rich enough to afford it. As a percentage of the population they are in the minority. Poor people will often purchase cheap insurance that does not cover their expenses and has large deductibles. As far as government health insurance for all, it is paid for by everyone as a percentage of their paycheck. This applies the same as social security deductions. Right now people without insurance end up going to emergency rooms when they are severely ill costing everyone. We are the only industrialized country without healthcare for all. It is not socialism, it is a right as much as education.

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    • Medicare pays 80% of health care. Private insurance covers 16% of the rest and kicks
      in managing the whole mess. OBTW usually offers much help with dental, vision & hearing. Bernie does not realize the funds given to private insurance to do these things..

  3. Private insurance is still popular. People vote for what they have. I will begin Medicate because of my age on Jan. 1. It’s not free. I got a bill for three months premiums in the middle of December and due on December 25. Was I happy with Medicare? No! It is impossible to pay for a monthly premium for private insurance and $144.60 times 3 in the same month! Every working American pays Medicare taxes with each paycheck. Every Medicare recipient pays premiums and a Drug premium. I don’t know anything about Medicaid, but if I would take a guess, those folks don’t pay a dime. I am not a believer that everyone is entitled to health insurance just because they live the USA. Good things come with hard work! Earn it or do without! I could go on, but I will leave it for now.

  4. Bernie has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s pushing this for the people who don’t want to work and there’s alot of those. Also he wants to give free health care to illegal immigrants and that way they will illegally vote for him.

  5. Real good private insurance is there for people if u want to work for it. My part-time job at UPS pays 100% for me and my spouse (my son is 31yrs old,so he’s to old) and it costs me nothing but a little bit of hard work.
    By the way they are always hiring because nobody wants to work.That seems to be the real problem is not which health care but just free. The issue is most people don’t want to work hard and expect a good wage for doing nothing.
    Well I grew up in Ronald Regan era and wages were super low ($3.35 min wage) and cost of living was super high (that’s called inflation for all you AOC’s out there) and if you didn’t graduate college you worked hard.
    There were good middle class jobs like the auto industry w/great benefits and good pay but Thanks to Bill Clinton an NAFTA that slowly got smaller an then after Obama an his bail outs people who work at Navistar and places like it make less money there today then my Dad did 30yrs ago. I did not make that up.
    So my point is this country is full whining, crying babies who don’t want to work for anything and just want it handed to them. So to Bernie Sanders I say; You are a Millionaire,WTF WOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT ANY OF THE STRUGGLES REGULAR PEOPLE GO THROUGH????
    He doesn’t, this is his pitch to all the do nothings in this country!

  6. Private insurance is great before you go on Medicare, yes it’s not cheap, but I was glad I had it at any price. Medicare for all will be anything but free, how does Bernie explain how it will be paid for? No, the average person not on Medicare currently will not gladly pay much more in taxes to get this dreamers Medicare for All insurance. The insurance fraud people are licking their chops at the prospect of the government running, and controlling our health care system. Current Medicare has at least $7-10 billion in fraud each year, they are so poorly run they really don’t know how much money is lost due to fraud. On top of this, Bernie said he would slash Medicare reimbursements, which will have hospitals and good doctors fleeing the system. How does this sound? Asking people which system do they like private insurance or Medicare is apples and oranges, people not 65 are using private insurance, and people on Medicare are using that for insurance, of course it’s cheaper, but we all paid into the system for our entire employment career. See how you can’t compare the two types of insurance?

    • Bernie is so full of shit his eyes are brown this guy is communist and needs to be put away he is just plain nuts and a liar

  7. It’s just a way to get more and more Government CONTROL over ALL of us, as oblahblah TRIED it, just glad it turned out to be MUCH TOO EXPENSIVE…Government is NO good for anything like THIS, so, America be SMARTER than bernie and keep him as FAR AWAY from the WH as possible, ALL you would get OUT of THIS are SMALLER, MUCH SMALLER Paychecks due to HIGH and HIGHER “taxes”…..!!!!

  8. I prefer to hold on my comments, because they would be so offensive to Little Bernie and AOC, that would be unacceptable in this forum. You get the idea.

  9. You are not ever going to get a good health insurance until you control the cost of doctors, medicines, hospitals and lawyers. In today’s world, anytime these groups need more money, they raise their prices and so do the medical plans. It is a simple way for governments to eventually go bankrupt or start controlling not the suppliers but the users.

  10. EXCUSE ME!!! Basically free NOT TRUE !!!EVERYONE ON MEDICARE HAS TO PAY A MONTHLY FEE PLUS CO-PAYS PLUS DEDUCTIBLES .SO DON’T MISLEAD PEOPLE.Tell the truth and let people decide on the FACTS.Unless you are afraid of the truth!!!!

  11. No insurance is perfect. But Obamacare has proven to be a disaster filled with high prices and little coverage. Any government insurance is crap and all over priced insurance is the same as having no insurance when people can’t afford the insurance. Part of Obamacare’s problem is that no one actually got to choose the health insurance that best fits the needs of the customer. Only got to choose the amount of deductible. Private insurance through an employer is like that, but the rates are always cheaper than Obamacare. Private insurance purchased by the individual may not be as cheap, but the individual does get more control over the coverage they want. Bernie’s plan is nothing more than Obamacare under a different name.

    • I sell/enroll people in ACA & Medicare products. There are new (private)carriers every year. They would not subscribe to ACA or Medicare if it was not profitable to them.
      Obama care never paid two big private carriers, Trump had to do it and fund the new ones, love to see Bernie and company do that..

  12. “If you’re eligible for Medicare — over 65 or with certain disabilities — it’s basically free.” FALSE!!! If you ever worked, which most people have, taxes were deducted from your paycheck for Medicare. When you retire & begin to receive Social Security, the Medicare premium is deducted from your S.S. monthly payment.

  13. I wonder why with all the people in the US why someone had not investigated why health insurance costs are so high and pressure them to change their ways. Prescription drugs in Canada may be less and cost for primary insurance may be less but being a socialistic country they have to wait months for treatments, surgeries, etc. A lot of people from Canada and other countries come to the US for care as do other countries. Obamacare is designed as a failure. Charging young adults for insurance they don’t need or use. Old Bernie doesn’t care or does AOC and other freeloaders of the socialist movement. We need insurance as an individual choice. The idea to make everyone go on a national program is ludicrous. The only ones who won’t participate in insurance for all will be the rich. Democrates passed Obamacare without even reading the bill and they didn’t even have to participate in it. I pray Trump will handle it and that everyone will have their own policy choices and care and Medicare will still be around as we all pay into it. What was wrong with Medicaid for people who can’t afford regular insurance? Sounds to me that the Democrates have been continually turning more socialistic with their ideas. We are not a bag of nuts we are individuals who expect our government to do their jobs and stop trying to place everyone into one basket.

  14. What does Sanders know about anyone? He spends his current days watching Alexandria Ocrazy Cortez speak at the podium, from behind her, wishing his plumbing worked well enough to have an affair on his wife.
    Before he ran the 1st time, he spent his day outside in front of his house yelling “GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!” to every kid in the neighborhood, even if they were no where near him.

    Yea. What does Sanders know?

  15. Medicare does cost and is deducted from my Social Security. Sanders doesn’t explain what would happen to all the people providing private health care, not just at the corporate level. What must be remembered, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t. He hasn’t even discussed a plan and gotten feedback from the medical profession.

  16. Medicare does cost and is deducted from my Social Security. Sanders doesn’t explain what would happen to all the people providing private health care, not just at the corporate level. What must be remembered, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t. He hasn’t even discussed a plan and gotten feedback from the medical profession.

  17. Medicare is not basically free. Once you reach 65 you are enrolled in medicare, you have no choice. Currently I pay $135.50 a month and medicare pays 80% of my medical bills. Next year it goes to $144.60 a month and it goes up each year. So, stop saying we have a choice and it is basically free. If we want private insurance we still have to pay for medicare so, what’s the point of changing. Plus, we have to pay for private insurance if we want coverage for dental or eye care and for prescription coverage. It’s not free!

  18. Mr Sanders keeps saying things that only a communist would agree with. I am disabled now much to my chagrin. I enjoyed being a worker and contributing to my family, my community, and my country. A I had private insurance. Loved it. Is better than nothing. You can always say things could be better. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Bernie has looked in too many horses mouths over his years in politics. People who need to need to be on Medicare are ok with it. Better than nothing. People who have private insurance will day it’s ok, better than nothing. Mr. Sanders. If you want to change a country you will never, ever, turn a free nation, formed by our fore father’s under the guidance from God to create this Free country, not socialist or communist, but FREE!, so feel free to move on and away from the Great United States of America, to a country who wants a dictator to shove his never working ideas on them just so a year later they can overturn his government and kick him out.

  19. I agree with a Senator Sanders on 100%. It is great idea.
    We need “ Medicare for All” and no any medical insurances which currently act as cancer cells on healthcare system.

  20. All insurance is great until you get sick then every policy has holes. Caught in a hole and you hate it. Cost for my secretary, 25 yr old, single female $850 month for good insurance, not great insurance. Her primary doctor charges $45 for patients without insurance. Her copay is $20. Obamacare has $50 copay, doctor charges them $45. She save $25 , maybe see doctor 3 times a year.
    What would Medicare for all cost for her? $200 month maybe. Insurance companies will spend billions to tell you how bad it is.
    I have Medicare advantage private policy and have no copays. My primary’s listed charges for visit is $110. Medicare pays 80% ($88) to insurance company, insurance company pays doctor $45. $43 profit. Emergency room charges $2300. Medicare pays $1840 to insurance company, insurance company pays $625. $1215 profit.
    Insurance companies paid Congress to pass the law that says Medicare cannot negotiate prices. Thats why Canadian prescriptions cost less and in Japan they pay $10 for medication that costs $130 in US. When asked why, the insurance company said that’s all they were allowed to charge.
    Medicare for all can negotiate prices but that won’t happen without permission from the insurance companies. Not likely. Would probably take a constitutional amendment to allow it. Wouldn’t happen in Congress, have to be taken up by the states. Maybe.

    • I disagree w/your comment on prescription prices. Matter of fact it’s not true. The prescription prices are so high because the drug companies own the patents and can have them for up to 15yrs. So that means No Generics of that drug until then which means the drug companies control the price. Look at Viagra for instance. A drug that causes lots of happiness ,b4 generics came along they were $25 a pill. Drug companies were charging $25 to have sex once. That’s a cheap prostitute. Ridiculous……
      Plus the bottom line to this whole conversation this country is in debt. If you or I ran our household like the country we would be in jail. So there is absolutely no way this can be paid for unless we pay for it.
      I’ll stick w/my insurance.

  21. Socialists have to lie and twist the truth in hopes that they will get a hearing ear. When you have been free to choose for ourselves and someone like B Sanders lies and twists facts it’s easy for us to see all he really wants is to our freedom. An old commie con game. First get control of their health care, then their guns and then all their money and then freedom and self preservation is over for all of Americans. We don’t by him or his party’s ideals. They all want the same thing, full control over us, our money and the government. Stay free America.


  23. Bernie Sanders has about as much chance of becoming POTUS as Moe, Larry or Curley ! Socialism works well, until you run out of the peoples money. A great man had this to say about Socialism: Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
    Winston Churchill.

    Bernies followers should take a real hard look at what has happened to Venezuela. And then ask themselves, is this the kind of Government they would like to have here in the USA ??

  24. Why is there no one mentioning that Medicare is not free. There is a monthly charge that is taken out of your social security in most cases. In addition it is not full coverage. There are denials and you need a supplemental insurance policy to get the most complete coverage. If you take the HMO style coverage you are back into rationing with someone between you and your doctor that can deny your care. When are we going to get honest accurate information from these people instead of pie in he sky promises?

    • I had private insurance all my life until I retired. Now I can’t buy private insurance at all. I think that’s wrong! I didn’t want to go on Medicare and I was told I couldn’t get insurance in less I got Medicare. So I did. Then I had to buy my insurance only through the government marketplace. Why should the government control everything?

  25. another DEMON-CRAP lieing to the american voter just as you would imagine and trying to do it with socialism in tow. HEY, dumbass get a life!!

  26. Sanders and the Left are all asinine idiots with no ability to hear the people. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU!!! WAKE UP. ITS ALL ABOUT $$$$ AND POWER

  27. Sanders is a socialist…they tell people what they like. Socialists do not want any personal likes or dislikes from the general population…socialist government will inform you of your opinion when they feel you need to know.

  28. People may not like their private health insurance, but they certainly don’t want government bearuocrats making their health decisions. And Obama care is out of control as far as costs go. Someone should point out to BS, that most people rate goijg to any government agency lower than their dentist. And who in the government do we trust with money? Bernie is full of BS.

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