Fact Check: MSM Sides With China

Fact Check: MSM Sides With China

(RightWing.org) – Since January, the media’s been obsessed with proving China right and President Trump wrong. It seems it doesn’t take much for liberal journalists to sing the communist country’s praises. In January, President Trump closed all travel to and from China to protect Americans from COVID-19. For this action, the media called him a racist. On April 15, Trump questioned the number of deaths in China, and the media mocked him.

But that’s not all. Time and again, Trump has sought to expose misdeeds by China, and the media treats him as if he’s the problem, and China’s an innocent bystander. Why? What’s the media trying to do? Are they intentionally trying to act like political partisans instead of an objective press?


Over and over, the press has given senior Chinese leaders a voice to rebuff the United States. According to Johns Hopkins, the United States has experienced 77,180 deaths related to the virus as of May 8. The US has a population of approximately 330 million people. However, China has well over a billion people and has reported only 4,697 deaths as of May 8. How can that even be remotely accurate?

China has been less than straightforward, and the media has defended them. Let’s look at a few recent examples:

May 4 – Politico ran a pro-Chinese article titled, “Not the World’s Number One’: Chinese Social Media Piles On the U.S.” The sub-title read, “The verdict is in: China has outperformed, while the once-respected American system has disastrously faltered.”

First, how did Politico come to the determination that America’s system has “disastrously faltered” when the US has put out accurate information to the best of its ability. Yet, China has not told the truth about their numbers. How can we possibly know if the claim is true?

The article is an anti-Trump hit piece that took Chinese social media posts and used them to share how terrible Trump is. David Wertime, Politico’s Editorial Director for China, wrote the article in such a way that it reads like Chinese propaganda. Wertime said Trump stated he heard a “projected American death toll as high as 2.2 million.” Yet, the article twisted Trump’s statement to appear as if China defeated a major geopolitical rival in the United States.

May 4 – CBS News criticized Trump for correctly blaming China for COVID-19. CBS anchor, Norah O’Donnell, suggested the only reason Trump was doing it was to shift the blame for the US’s growing death rate from itself onto China. Yet, the disease originated in China.

April 29 – NBC made several shocking claims in an article online titled, “Senior Chinese official challenges Trump over coronavirus response, says U.S. wasted weeks.” The article went out of its way to paint Trump unflatteringly as NBC provided Chinese Executive Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng a platform to mock Trump and spread Chinese propaganda.

The article makes a point to say Yucheng is a “rising star” within China’s communist party. Although NBC didn’t say “communist,” they said “political establishment.” The article insinuates Trump is wrong on the facts while Yucheng denies any wrongdoing.

As China tries to change the narrative and paint itself in a better light, the press is working overtime to smear President Trump. You can chalk China’s tactics up to good old politics. However, the media is supposed to be objective.

As Americans search for accurate news on COVID-19, a Gallup poll released on March 25 revealed the news media had the worst approval ratings at 44%. At the time, US hospitals topped the list with an 88% approval rating. It appears that many Americans, especially Conservatives, have little faith in the media to tell the truth.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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