Fact Check: Melania Stay at Cairo Hotel Costs Taxpayers $95K

Fact Check: Melania Stay at Cairo Hotel Costs Taxpayers $95K
Fact Check: Melania Stay at Cairo Hotel Costs Taxpayers $95K

It’s no secret that Melania Trump likes expensive things. As a former model, it makes sense for her to love brand-name clothing, pretty bags, and nice shoes. The Left, as they are wont to do, however, will convince you that she’s out to steal the taxpayer’s money and run up an enormous bill, even if it isn’t true.
That’s exactly the claim in recent accusations from Democrats, who tried to say that the First Lady’s recent stay in a Cairo hotel cost taxpayers $95,000. Worse yet, they also said the room was booked and she never showed up.
Not so fast. Here’s the facts.


• First, let’s address the number. Last month (October 2018), Melania did go to Africa for five days as part of her “Be Best” campaign. She traveled through Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt, stopping at each location for various activities. One of these visits did include Cairo.
• In early November, online news media outlet Quartz reported that they had found a bill for an overnight stay in Cairo. The total? $95,000 for the one-night stay. They alleged that this absurd level of spending took place at Semiramis Intercontinental Cairo, where the most expensive room (the Presidential Suite) costs just $699.
• Most liberal news media outlets immediately ran with the story, spinning it to make it appear that Melania had indulged in… well, something very expensive. Unsurprisingly, few explained exactly what had cost so much money. This should have been the first sign something was off.
• Checking federal spending records, we did find a bill for $95,050 attributed to the First Lady’s trip. However, it’s listed as “FLOTUS visit hotel rooms.” It says nothing about being specific to the First Lady alone, nor does it even mention an overnight stay in Cairo.
• Instead, it appears the $95,050 fee is for all hotel rooms – for the First Lady, her entourage, the Secret Service members that traveled with her, and everyone else who needed lodging to keep her safe.
• Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, responded to the original news outlet shortly afterward. Grisham clarified that the bill wasn’t for an overnight stay in Cairo. The First Lady didn’t even stay overnight there in the first place.