Fact Check: Is Trumpy Bear for Real?

Fact Check: Is Trumpy Bear for Real?
Fact Check: Is Trumpy Bear for Real?

Wouldn’t you just love a cute, cuddly version of President Trump all for yourself?
Okay, admittedly, that’s a little bit weird in the context of adults.
But for kids? Hey – some of them love the POTUS as much as the rest of us. And now, thanks to a new product some initially thought was fake, it’s possible for little ones to be inspired by our President in real-life with their own cuddly version of Trump. Trumpy Bear, a 22-inch commemorative tribute toy, is available here.


• The new “Trumpy Bear” toy is labeled a, “fearless, super-plush American grizzly,” much like the President himself. But it doesn’t only favor him in name; it looks like him, too. Blonde hair, Trump’s signature red tie, and a 28″ by 30″ flag themed blanket come together to make this one patriotic and proud stuffie.
• The slightly-strange commercial released with the new toy originally aired in July, but it wasn’t until just recently that it became so popular. You can watch it below for yourself. “Even the toughest guys will love Trumpy Bear,” the narrator reads. “I fear nothing. I come when the Trumpet sounds. I am the storm.”

• Unfortunately, the slightly-odd commercial does make the product feel a bit satirical. It isn’t clear whether or not it was meant to be a patriotic collectible or to make fun of Trump, but if the latter, it sort of misses the mark. In fact, the website owners and Snopes.com have both clarified that, while it is decidedly tongue-in-cheek, it was never meant to be satirical period.
• Sure, the commercial may be whacky. And we have to take a minute to question their handling of the flag tucked neatly into the bear’s back pocket, but it’s still nice to see some commemorative items for kids. It’s a nice, innocent collectible they can keep and treasure to commemorate his Presidency well throughout their younger years.
• Trumpy Bear comes with a certificate of authenticity and claims to cost around $40. However, the company did say that quantities are limited. If you’re considering this slightly off-the-wall gift for Christmas, you might want to order soon to get it in time.