Fact Check: Is There a Republican Challenger for 2020?

Is There a Republican Challenger for 2020?

There is a Republican contender that has stepped up to run against President Trump in the 2020 election. This particular Republican is not a Trump supporter or even much of a Republican party supporter, according to his past.
Who is this candidate?


  • The new potential leader’s name is Bill Weld; he’s the former governor of Massachusetts, holding office for two terms in the 1990s. Weld affiliates himself with and belongs to the Republican Party, yet has supported Democrats in the past.
  • In the 2008 presidential election, Weld was Mitt Romney’s co-chair for New York. After Romney left the race, Weld chose to back Obama and the Democratic Party over the Republican candidate, John McCain.
  • Weld has also most recently backed Hillary Clinton during her run for president against Trump. He is quoted saying he’s “not sure anybody is more qualified” than she is to be the president.
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  • Bill Weld does not support President Trump and has made several negative statements about him. The Republican Party has yet to comment on Weld running against Trump.
  • Weld needs to realize that Trump has an overall 89 percent approval rating among Republicans. This rating will make it almost impossible for him to pull out a win against Trump. Historically, for Weld to be a serious candidate from the same party, Trump’s rating would have to be much lower than it currently is.
  • This country will have to wait for Weld’s campaign against Trump to see how it plays out. President Trump does not seem phased by this or any other current candidate, GOP, DNC, or independent options combined.