Fact Check: Is The Pentagon Sending More Troops To The Border?

Fact Check: Is The Pentagon Sending More Troops To The Border?
Fact Check: Is The Pentagon Sending More Troops To The Border?

Many commenters have compared the illegal migrant caravans to invasions, and with another huge one on the way right now, it looks like we need to be ready to defend our borders. The Pentagon has already been supporting the Department of Homeland Security along the border with Mexico, and now it’s rumored that this support will be increased to meet the latest challenge. Does that mean more troops?


  • Last December, the Department of Homeland Security asked for Department of Defense support in securing parts of the Mexican border threatened by the last “migrant caravan” to arrive. The DoD agreed, and troops were deployed to the border.
  • The main job of the troops was to reinforce border crossing points, deterring the illegals from attempting to cross. Mostly it was a show of force, and it worked pretty well.
  • Now a new, even larger, migrant caravan is on its way from Honduras. An estimated 15,000 people are on the move, organized by far-left activists – they started their march north on January 15th. So far, the word is they’re heading for Mexico and don’t plan to move on to the US, but that may change.
  • The main reason this mob is aiming for Mexico is that the activists who coordinated the caravan deserted it once it reached Tijuana. The political point had been made, and the Leftists abandoned their dupes once they’d got some film of the Border Patrol in action. Now they plan to repeat the process with Mexico.
  • However, once the migrants get to Mexico there’s nothing to stop them heading for our border on their own – so DHS has asked the DOD to up its support. That may mean more troops, but it’s more likely to involve new jobs for the ones who’re already there.
  • With the crossing points already reinforced, the soldiers will now switch to two new tasks – laying barbed wire at vulnerable spots on the border, and carrying out mobile surveillance to spot intruders.
  • Right now there are 5,900 active duty military and 2,100 National Guardsmen assigned to help secure the border. They’re backed by military helicopters, which carry out surveillance and move troops to where they’re needed.
  • Depending on what happens with the latest assault on our border, the DOD might decide to send additional soldiers. Right now, though, they’re planning to use the ones who’re already there – after all, they got the job done last time.