Fact Check: Is the Impeachment Hearing Fair?

Fact Check: Is the Impeachment Hearing Fair?

The impeachment clause in the Consitution is being used as a political weapon, but it’s supposed to be a legal process. The impeachment of a president is a trial, with the House doing the investigative work and the Senate acting as the court. It isn’t about politics; it’s about justice, and in the United States, everyone is entitled to a fair trial. However, some people say the president isn’t getting one. According to Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, the so-called “experts” deciding whether there are actually grounds for impeachment are heavily weighted against President Trump. That’s worth looking into.


  • Last week, Representative Doug Collins (R-GA), the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, complained that of the four “constitutional experts” who will decide if President Trump has committed any impeachable offenses, three were brought in by the Democrats.
  • In theory, if these really are unbiased experts on the Constitution, it shouldn’t matter what party called them in. The reality is that the Democrats seem to have picked “experts” who’ll give the answer they want — because at least one of them has an intense personal dislike of the president.
  • Professor Pamela Karlan teaches law at Stanford University, and she’s one of the three experts called by the Dems. She also quickly established herself as the most combative of the whole group, which probably shouldn’t be a surprise considering her past record.
  • Karlan’s public hostility started early in the Trump presidency. As a panelist in a 2017 American Constitution Society discussion, she launched a series of unhinged rants against the president, criticizing his behavior, policies and honesty.
  • Just in case there was any doubt that her arguments were a personal dislike, and reasoned ones based on deep points of constitutional law, Karlan claimed she loathes Trump so much she had to cross the street when she walked past the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.
  • One of Karlan’s first contributions to the impeachment hearing was an attack on the president’s family. Referring to his son, and hinting that Trump sees himself more a king than an elected leader, she said, “He can call him Barron, but he can’t make him a baron.”
  • The 60-year-old professor also exploded indignantly when Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) asked her about a donation she made to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign this year. Instead of explaining why this isn’t a clear sign of bias, Karlan just ranted about foreign interference in US elections.
  • So Pamela Karlan has a dislike of the president that goes beyond bias and crosses the line into unhinged — and she’s one of the panel of “experts” who’ll decide if he’s committed an impeachable offense. Is Trump going to get a fair hearing? Not a chance.

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  1. It is all about getting Trump off the 2020 ballot. CA tried and lost my in court. They know that they can’t beat him at election so they want to remove him He is doing a good job for America. The Dems have done nothing for our country. Their whole agenda is getting the president removed

  2. YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS ! Given all of the actions taken by POTUS, both officially and personally, it concludes that he is irresponsible to the American people and destructive of our society. Go ahead- Read the transcript.

  3. I agree , to both the above Replies, n add .: Democrats , Haters, are Evil, must be in the Devil’s Hand, Please leave Our President , * Donald Trump * alone. He has Clearly , been serving for* Us All * THE AMERICAN PEOPLE * House of Congress n all the Senators n White House SHOULD All be on the Same Page,” For The American People ” Clearly u Aren’t. N Anyone NOT on the same page , Should Not Be holding your Seats. . And that’s perhaps the Reason u don’t like Our President * Donald Trump* All your Lies for years, have been Exposed.

  4. How can people who have such hatred toward anyone be anything but unable to think or act with wisdom and/or rational thinking. Their venom is so overflowing it clogs their very blood stream and brain functions. Unhinged is quite an understatement. Only the “Great Physician can fix it”. They need to make an appointment quickly.

  5. Hell yes there is no better that can run this country. He doesn’t even take a paycheck so who’s going to do that as a President . The money hungry democratic people who are frauds.

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