Fact Check: Is President Trump A Russian Agent?

Fact Check: Is President Trump A Russian Agent?
Fact Check: Is President Trump A Russian Agent?

It’s hard to deny that President Trump heads one of the most controversy-plagued administrations in US history. From the moment he entered the race for the White House, our chief has attracted an amazing storm of hostility from the political left – and even some elements of his own party. It seems he’s been accused of almost everything a president can be accused of. Even so, last Friday’s revelation that the president of the USA was being investigated as a potential Russian agent came as a shock. Is there any truth in it?


  • On Friday, someone who appears to be a high-level source within the Department of Justice revealed that, in 2017, the FBI opened a secret investigation into whether or not President Trump was secretly working for Russia.
  • The probe seems to have been triggered by Trump’s dismissal of James B. Comey as Director of the FBI. A group of senior agents made up of Comey loyalists and what Newt Gingrich described as “anti-Trump fanatics” decided that sacking a government official was evidence of potential treason.
  • The goal of the investigation was to decide whether President Trump had unknowingly fallen under Russian influence, or was actively working for the Kremlin. That’s right – they actually thought the president might be taking orders directly from a Russian agent handler.
  • Various former officials have crawled out of the woodwork to support the investigation. For example, former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said it was fully justified.
  • There’s no question of this being an act by a group of rogue agents. The people behind it had to get approval from the FBI leadership to start the operation – and they did.
  • The problem is, there was no evidence that President Trump was a Russian agent, either knowingly or through manipulation. It seems the FBI faction was suspicious because Trump wasn’t openly hostile to Russia – a major power with an arsenal of several thousand nuclear weapons.
  • Since taking office, Trump has shown that he’s willing to be firm with Russia when necessary. However, he’s also avoided causing unnecessary tension. Why should the US start a proxy war in Syria over who gets to drop bombs on ISIS? US and Russian forces are both in Syria to fight the same enemy, so what’s the point in getting them or their local supporters to fight each other?
  • The hysteria has become so bad that all it takes for the president to be accused of treason is not going out of his way to spark conflict with a country that could turn every city in the US into radioactive ash. That’s not politics; that’s not a justified investigation. It’s lunacy.

No. President Trump is not a Russian agent. The FBI investigation found no evidence, no charges have been brought against the president as a result of it, and none ever will be.