Fact Check: Is Levi Strauss Paying Staff to Attack 2A?

Is Levi Strauss Paying Employees to Attack the 2nd Amendment?

It seems like today’s hyper-activist liberals find something new to go after every week, but they have their old favorite targets as well — none more popular than the Second Amendment. Politicians try to make a name for themselves by pushing new anti-gun laws at every opportunity, while community and pressure groups agitate for restrictions. It’s the grassroots support from these groups that enable politicians. But are their roots really all that grassy? Some of them benefit from significant corporate funding and other support. Now, leading jeans maker Levi Strauss has been accused of paying its employees to take part in anti-gun activism.


  • Late last year, the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co, Chip Bergh, announced that his company would be supporting activists campaigning to end the “gun violence epidemic” in America, and asked other business leaders to follow his lead.
  • Bergh has cited a 2016 incident, where a customer accidentally shot himself while trying on a pair of Levi’s, as the start of his interest in gun control. He’s now diverted over $1 million of the company’s money into the “Safer Tomorrow Fund,” which aims to give financial support to anti-gun nonprofits and youth activists.
  • “Grassroots” anti-gun organizations don’t really need money, though — they get plenty of donations. What they need is supporters, and Levi Strauss is now supplying those.
  • The company gives its workers five hours of paid volunteering time a month, and they’re now being encouraged to spend those hours working for anti-gun groups. They’re also doubling payments under their donation-matching scheme if those donations go toward attacking gun rights.
  • However, widely circulated internet reports that the company is paying staff to join anti-gun groups are not strictly true. Levi Strauss employees were already being given those five paid hours a month to volunteer.
  • What’s changed is that the company has given them a big hint as to what it wants them to volunteer for. Is using your time to campaign against the Second Amendment going to impress your bosses? Who knows? But if you’re competing for a promotion, do you really want to take the risk?

While Levi Strauss isn’t directly paying staff to work for gun control, they are putting some pressure on for them to use paid volunteering time to further its cause. If you don’t like corporations wielding political influence, you might not be too happy about this.