Fact Check: Is AOC the GOP's Secret Weapon?

Is AOC The GOP's Secret Weapon?

Socialist newbie congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) might be the darling of the Left, but we’ve been doing some thinking about her recently and we’ve come up with a radical new possibility. What if AOC isn’t a far-Left fanatic after all? What if she’s actually the Republican Party’s secret weapon to guarantee victory in the 2020 election? You may laugh, but when you take a look at the way she’s acting, it doesn’t seem so crazy.


  • Ocasio-Cortez has come from nowhere. Be honest: A year ago, had you ever heard her name? Nope. In a very short space of time, she’s gone from anonymous New York bartender to one of the three most prominent Democrats in the country. Crazy but true — if there’s a story about a Dem these days it’s usually Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Bernie Sanders (D-VT) or AOC. And with Pelosi’s star fading and Bernie clearly over the political hill, the fiery newcomer’s profile is just going to keep growing.

  • So AOC is, increasingly, the public face of the Democratic Party — and it would be hard to imagine a more controversial and divisive face.
  • In the few short months since she took her seat, AOC has lit the fire of a growing civil war within the Democratic Party. On one side is AOC herself and a small band of far-Left and Islamist radicals — Ilhan Omar is one. On the other, Pelosi and the entire mainstream Democrat establishment.
  • It seems like a pretty uneven contest, but the establishment is losing! With a year and a half to go until the next election, the Democrats are well on the way to tearing themselves apart.
  • AOC has made friends with the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is an antique Marxist who makes Bernie look like the voice of reason, and Labour is currently falling apart over Corbyn’s support for terrorists and anti-Semites. Linking herself to people like that isn’t going to do AOC any favors with the average American.
  • Just in case anyone isn’t worried by her links to radicals, AOC is also making sure she alarms everyone who works for a privately owned business. She’s repeatedly condemned the entire American economic system as “immoral,” and says the government has a responsibility to give a decent income to everyone — even if they’re unwilling to work.
  • Still not scared? Meet the “Green New Deal.” Billed as a law to combat climate change, this insanely ambitious plan is actually nothing less than a full-on socialist takeover of the economy. It starts with converting the whole energy industry to renewables inside 10 years, which isn’t possible, then demands that every building in the US be expensively retrofitted to meet green targets. Hidden in the small print are proposals to restrict air travel — and perhaps, ultimately, to ban it, along with meat. Of course, there’s no suggestion of how all this will be paid for, apart from some vague ideas about setting up new banks to borrow from.
  • Over the next 18 months, expect to hear a lot more of this kind of lunacy from AOC. She’s on a roll, the media loves her and she’s getting all the attention she could ask for. And every time she opens her mouth, more people decide they’re never going to vote Democrat as long as the party tolerates this kind of extremism. Who gains from that?
  • If the GOP didn’t create Ocasio-Cortez, they should have. She’s the best campaigner they have, and she’s going to deliver them millions of votes next year. Secret weapon? Heck, yes!