Fact Check: Has Trump Finally Shut Down ISIS

Has Trump Finally Shut Down ISIS?

President Trump feels confident in withdrawing US troops from Syria. He says to expect an announcement very soon, that the United States and its allies have removed the Islamic State out of its originally known territory from where it controlled Iraq and Syria. Getting this territory back is a huge win for the president, but does it really mean he’s finally shut down ISIS for good? Let’s take a look.


  • The loss of ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq caused a disruption in plans for further attacks on European cities. Both countries were cornerstone locations for strategic planning for the terrorist association. The assistant secretary of defense for special operations/low-intensity conflict testified to Congress that “ISIS no longer governs a pseudo-state in Syria.”
  • Trump wants the European countries to take back their former citizens-turned-ISIS-fighters and put them on trial in their own countries. He stated that, if these countries do not heed his warning, the US will have to release them. Trump has dealt accordingly with the ISIS fighters and their territory. Now, he wants others to do their part.
  • Trump has commented on this shut down of ISIS frequently in the last few weeks. At a State Department meeting, he said, “Remnants can be very dangerous, their land is gone it’s a big factor.” Essentially, the President is reassuring everyone that he knows ISIS is a dangerous organization, but they’re no longer as powerful after the loss of land.
  • Trump also told a group of diplomats that ISIS, “now lacks a significant territorial base from which to launch terrorist attacks against other countries, recruit foreign fighters, and spread havoc across the region.” When asked to clarify, he referred to ISIS as “decimated.”
  • Again, President Trump has delivered what he has promised.