Fact Check: Does Pelosi Support Open Borders?

Fact Check: Does Pelosi Support Open Borders?
Fact Check: Does Pelosi Support Open Borders?

There’s still no end in sight to the impasse over President Trump’s plans for a border security wall. Democrats in Congress seem determined to obstruct the project at every step of the way, and the driving force behind that obstructionism is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The president recently ran out of patience with his wannabe nemesis and told CBS’s Margaret Brennan that Pelosi wants open borders and “doesn’t mind human trafficking.” Is this just political rough and tumble, or does Pelosi really want to throw our borders open to anyone who wants to come in?


  • Pelosi has been a key figure in Congress’s refusal to fund the $5 billion President Trump says he needs to build a secure barrier along our border with Mexico. Instead she’s offered around $1 billion for additional security measures – but that’s not enough to pay for an effective barrier.
  • According to Pelosi, it would be better to spend money on other security measures than a barrier. The thing is, although the Border Patrol and other agencies work hard, the border is long and there’s a limit to how well it can be patrolled. That’s why so many people still manage to cross it illegally – and why we need a wall.
  • Basically, Pelosi is refusing to fund the obvious solution and demanding that we spend money on the same methods than have let us down so far. It’s almost like she doesn’t want the border to be secure…
  • Pelosi has a track record on this issue. In 2006 she voted against the Secure Fence Act, an earlier attempt to build barriers along the most vulnerable parts of the border. That time she failed, and several hundred miles of fence were authorized.
  • She’s protested about the use of detention centers to prevent illegal immigrants from dispersing into our society. Most countries around the world operate some kind of detention facility for border jumpers – but, according to Pelosi, the US shouldn’t be allowed to.
  • President Trump has now criticized Pelosi’s attachment to Leftist dogma, calling her “very rigid” and saying her position on the barrier is bad for the country.
  • Trump pointed out that a porous border doesn’t just let people in – it lets drugs in, too. He said, “when you have people dying all over the country because of people like Nancy Pelosi who don’t want to give proper border security for political reasons, she’s doing a terrible disservice to our country.”
  • Pelosi doesn’t say plainly that she wants open borders, but she’s tried to obstruct every attempt to secure them. Actions speak louder than words, so it looks like President Trump is right about this.