Fact Check: Does Joe Biden Have a Record of Racism?

Does Joe Biden Have a Record of Racism?

Candidates for the 2020 presidential election are starting to appear, and if you’re a fan of good government, some of them are a pretty scary bunch. On the Democrat side there are some extremely left-wing people considering a run at the White House — and, because about 40% of Americans would vote for a chimp if it was a member of the Democratic Party, any one of them has a chance at being our next president.

Of course, most registered Democrats aren’t looking for a far-left candidate; they’d be happier with a traditional Democrat. For these voters, Joe Biden ticks most of the right boxes — so, naturally, the new-look Democrat activists have started calling him a racist. Is he? Well, that depends on how carefully you read his past statements.


  • New-style Democrats are obsessed with identity politics and grievance studies — for them, the number of “oppressed” or “marginalized” groups a candidate fits into is about as important as the policies they support. That’s why white men get so much criticism — no matter how “progressive” they are, they’re still seen as privileged.
  • Joe Biden, of course, is a white man — so although he was Barack Obama’s vice president, the new Left can’t stand him. And, because they can’t stand him, they’ve been trawling his past for any evidence of thought crimes. Naturally, they think they’ve found plenty.
  • Biden’s first offense was in 1975, when, like tens of millions of other Americans, he opposed the controversial practice of “busing.” One of his objections was that busing was itself racist. According to Biden it “codifies the concept that a black is inferior to a white” by saying that blacks could only succeed if they were educated along with white kids.
  • He also criticized busing for making no sense and wasting money on transportation costs. Pointing out that the average American is not, in fact, racist, he said most people would have no problem with their kids mixing with black children — they just didn’t see why they couldn’t send them to “the school that’s two blocks down the street.”
  • In 2006, Biden upset the Left again when he said that, in Delaware, you couldn’t go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without hearing “at least a slight Indian accent.” Was that comment aimed at Indian-Americans? Sure. Is it offensive? Not at all. Indian-Americans are well-known as entrepreneurs who often buy franchises and do extremely well.
  • Biden has also pointed out that schools with a lot of minority kids tend to do less well academically. The problem with criticizing him for this is that it’s true — and it isn’t racist to say that. The problem is socioeconomic, not biological. Ten years ago it was pretty mainstream for a Democrat to say this.
  • Calling Joe Biden a racist takes some work. Mostly it involves taking his comments and trying very hard to ignore their actual meaning. That isn’t stopping his opponents, though. Biden is a mainstream Democrat, and the hard-left activists who’re steadily taking over the party don’t want the old mainstream anymore.