Fact Check: Did Trump Delete “Invader” Tweets After El Paso Shooting?

With two mass shootings in a single weekend, the Left is going all out to find some way to blame President Trump. The Dayton shooting, which left nine dead, was a difficult one to pin on the president — the massacre happened because the killer was turned away from a bar.

There’s more potential in the El Paso attack because the suspect posted a crazed “manifesto” minutes before beginning his rampage. Now liberal social media users are claiming the killer used Trump’s words in his racist rant — words that the president allegedly deleted from Twitter after the shooting. Of course, just because liberal social media users claim something that doesn’t mean it’s true.


  • Half an hour before opening fire in Walmart, suspected El Paso gunman Patrick Wood Crusius posted a demented justification of his planned crime on the 8chan bulletin board. The rambling document repeatedly referred to immigrants — particularly Mexicans — as “invaders.”
  • According to left-wingers on Twitter, Crusius got these words directly from President Trump, making the president the inspiration for the crime and directly responsible for it.
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  • By the day after the shooting, a story was circulating on Twitter that the White House media team was busy deleting a series of Trump’s tweets to hide the fact Crusius had been using his words.
  • For example, Amee Vanderpool claimed, “Trump’s team has appeared to delete tweets where he used ‘invaders’ to describe immigrants. This is a violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978.” She went on to show screenshots of three tweets where Trump had used variants of the word “invade.”
  • Even by this point, it was pretty obvious the Left was scraping the bottom of the barrel because one of the cited tweets had nothing to do with immigration at all — it was about how North Korea is prepared to abandon its nuclear weapons if the US pledged not to invade them.
  • In two other tweets, Trump did use “invade” to refer to immigrants — illegal ones. Look up “invade” in any dictionary, and the definition will cover what’s happening on our southern border right now — thousands of people illegally forcing their way into the US. This is a legitimate use of the word “invade” — and the president hasn’t used it incorrectly, to refer to legal immigrants.
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  • Of course, this doesn’t make the “deleted invader tweets” story untrue. What makes it untrue is that the tweets weren’t deleted. In fact, this isn’t just untrue; it’s pathetic. We all know the Left likes to tell lies about President Trump, but do they really have to lie about things that are so easy to check?

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