Fact Check: Did President Trump Donate His Salary?

Fact Check: Did President Trump Donate His Salary?
Fact Check: Did President Trump Donate His Salary?

The Left – and even some parts of the Right  — sure do hate President Trump. It seems that whatever he does he’s going to be criticized and attacked for it. However, one place he’s been hard to criticize is the financial promises he made before taking office. Trump has done everything he could to stand by those  — and the liberal media hate it. The president said he’d donate his salary to charity? Those leftist journalists are out there looking for proof he’s pocketing it instead. What are they finding?


  • When President Trump was elected, he and his team made three promises, all concerning donations to charity.
  • The Trump Organization, the parent company behind his businesses, said it would donate all profits from doing business with foreign companies to charity. The reason for that was obvious  — otherwise, it would be easy to accuse the president of changing policy in favor of his business partners.
  • His inaugural committee said it would donate the remaining balance of its funds after paying all the bills for the inauguration.
  • Finally, Trump himself said he would donate his presidential salary – $400,000 a year. Originally he’d said he wouldn’t claim it, but it turns out there’s no way for the president to not get paid.
  • In March 2017, the liberal Washington Post said it was launching a series of special reports to make sure Trump kept his promises. It was pretty obvious they didn’t expect him to.
  • Probably much to their disappointment, though, President Trump has stuck rigidly to his promise to donate his salary. It gets paid to him, then each quarter he writes a personal check equivalent to three months’ salary and donates it to a good cause.
  • What’s notable is that Trump makes donations aimed at helping all Americans – the National Park Service, Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Veterans’ affairs have all benefited from his generosity.
  • In contrast, President Obama only donated around a third of his salary and the causes he favored were more narrow. For example, he donated to charities that only help ethnic minorities in the USA, like the United Negro College Fund. He gave money to Haiti and Africa. He funded charities in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Finally, he donated to a charity set up by Joe Biden.
  • President Trump seems to be doing a good job of keeping his promise – and he’s doing it in a way that isn’t just symbolic. Instead of keeping taxpayers’ money he doesn’t need, he’s using it to provide services for those same taxpayers. Hopefully that’s starting to sink in at the Washington Post.