Fact Check: Did O'Rourke and Gillibrand Promise to Tear Down The Wall?

Did O'Rourke and Gillibrand Promise to Tear Down The Wall?

The struggle to protect our nation’s southern border has been one of the defining events of President Trump’s first term, with Democrats pulling out all the stops to prevent the promised wall from being built. They’ve shut down the government, disrupted services and resorted to court cases, but the president has pushed on with his flagship security project. Now, more than half the funds have been raised and construction is underway at several points along the border — but will the Democrats stop even now? There are claims that some, including potential presidential candidates, have promised to tear the wall down again if they’re elected. Is the modern Left really that crazy?


  • A political action committee, the America First SuperPAC, claimed this week that former US Representative Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) and Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) have both pledged to demolish the border wall if they’re elected in 2020.
  • America First is dedicated to getting pro-Trump candidates elected to political office, so it’s pretty supportive of the president’s goals. That’s enough to make it a prime target for the MSM’s liberal “fact checkers,” and they’ve already been attacking the PAC’s claims.
  • In fact, what the PAC said about O’Rourke and Gillibrand is pretty much on the money. Both of them have threatened to demolish border barriers if they’re ever in a position to do so.
  • O’Rourke is widely expected to enter the presidential race, although he hasn’t confirmed his plans yet. He’s outspokenly pro-immigration and has repeatedly obstructed plans to protect the border.
  • Interviewed by MSNBC on February 14th, O’Rourke was asked if he would take down the wall that currently stands in El Paso. He answered “Yes,” and when pressed for confirmation said “Absolutely. I’d take the wall down.”
  • O’Rourke was referring to a wall that’s already there, not the new and strengthened one the president is building. He’s also said that some sections of the wall could be useful. However, his intention is clear — leave the border as open as possible.
  • He’s even admitted that one reason for his opinion is that, with sections of the border protected, people who try to enter illegally will take more dangerous routes. Yes, that’s right — he’s more concerned with the safety of foreign criminals than American citizens.
  • The following day, Gillibrand was asked if she agreed with O’Rourke, and she confirmed that she does. While insisting that she wants to protect the border, Gillibrand seems more concerned about the “hateful message” sent by a wall.
  • Liberals are going to quibble about this forever, but America First got it right — whatever wall stands on our border with Mexico, people like O’Rourke and Gillibrand will try to demolish as much of it as they can.