Fact Check: Did Biden Propose Medicare Cuts Before Trump?

Did Biden Propose Medicare Cuts Before Trump?

President Trump has just released his 2020 budget proposals, and true to form, The Left is already attacking him over it. Everyone has their own taxpayer-funded ax to grind; the president needs to allocate more money for this, it’s a disgrace he’s cutting that and why don’t we turn the whole economy into some giant socialist mess because AOC says so? It’s all part of the run of politics, of course — but it has thrown up some interesting examples of complete hypocrisy. Step forward ex-VP Joe Biden; we have something to say to you.


  • A key goal of President Trump’s budget proposal is reducing the deficit. The ugly truth is that the US government is spending way more than it can afford to, and has been for decades. Administration after administration has kept on piling up debt and kicking the can down the road, but the road is running out. Sooner or later the government is going to have to bite the bullet and either spend a lot less or tax a lot more. Trump is trying to spend less — letting Americans keep their own money and spend it the way they want, rather than the way the government wants.
  • One area where the president wants to save money is Medicare. This is a hugely expensive program. Medicare costs the average US taxpayer more than their British counterpart pays for the National Health Service — and the NHS provides healthcare for everyone, not just retirees. Medicare, bluntly, is inefficient, and Trump wants to change that.
  • A first step towards changing this is a budget proposal to reduce payments to healthcare providers and drug companies. This should save over $750 billion over the next ten years, by pushing down the price of medications and forcing providers to reduce their administration costs.
  • What it won’t do is deny care to Medicare recipients. However, former Vice President Joe Biden has already stepped forward to complain that this is what’s going to happen.
  • According to Biden, the Medicare cuts are “…because of a tax cut for the super wealthy that created a deficit of $1.9 trillion dollars … and now they gotta go make somebody pay for it.”
  • What he seems to have forgotten is that Trump’s cuts are almost exactly the same as the ones proposed in 2015 by Barack Obama and — drumroll, please — Joe Biden.
  • Biden isn’t complaining about Trump’s Medicare cuts because he thinks they’re a bad idea — he doesn’t. When he was in office he wanted to make exactly the same cuts. Was it to give money to the “super wealthy” then? No, and it isn’t now, either.