Fact Check: Are the Republicans Divided Going into the 2020 Election?

Is the Republican Party Divided for 2020?

There will always be a difference of opinion between people when it comes to politics. But generally, the difference in opinions are not within the same party. However, the response to the recent declaration of the national emergency plan has us pondering just how big the divide is when it comes to the Republican party.


  • President Trump has many Republicans that are very supportive of his choices for this country, including the national emergency plan. They are calling it a good move that will provide the border with much-needed security.
  • On the opposite end are the Republicans who are opposed to Trump and asked him to avoid declaring the national emergency to build the wall, saying it was unnecessary. They voiced concern over the backlash that this move will bring, even though the Supreme Court will most likely decide if this was a justified decision by the president.
  • Meanwhile, the Democrats are sitting back waiting for the Republican Party to fall apart. They want the advantage going into the next election. As of right now, the Dems don’t have a very good footing. Their hope is that with Republicans divided, Dems can gain enough ground and support to pull ahead. Knowing Trump, he has a good campaign planned and will come out victorious in the 2020 election.
  • Even though the 2020 election is a ways off, Trump and his team are always working on gathering the support of core Republican voters. David Winston, a Republican Pollster points out, “Leadership means results.” Trump is certainly delivering undeniable results on his 2016 campaign promises.
  • While the wall may be a wedge in the Republican party right now, it’s also the hottest topic. The hope is that all of Trump’s accomplishments will be considered by election day, rather than just the wall.

Whenever a president makes a bold move like calling a national emergency to help strengthen immigration policies, the media goes wild with speculation over party standings. We’re not worried, because the wall isn’t the only issue the president has addressed during his time in the Oval Office. How about you? Do think the Left will keep the presidency in the 2020 election?