Facebook Scraps Policy To Facilitate Human Smuggling

Facebook Scraps Policy To Facilitate Human Smuggling

(RightWing.org) – Facebook has finally taken action to stop its platform being used for human trafficking — nearly a year after it admitted it was allowing users to seek out people smugglers. There are questions about how sincere parent company Meta really is about fighting the lethal trade, though. The revised rules still leave plenty of leeway for wannabe border crossers.

In February, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Meta had quietly announced that it didn’t plan to block people from using its platform to find people smugglers. That’s because that would violate their human rights — even though the use of Facebook by traffickers had been identified as a problem a year earlier. At the time, the company said it had taken advice from “NGOs working with migrants,” meaning open borders activists, on the policy.

Now Meta has, at least publicly, changed its tune. On December 12, the company released a memo updating its “Human exploitation” policy. The correspondence didn’t acknowledge the previous policy but did say, “we remove content that facilitates or coordinates the exploitation of humans, including human trafficking.” However, it also claimed there’s a difference between human trafficking and smuggling.

The new policy says “content that offers to provide or facilitate” human smuggling will be blocked — but that was also true under the old policy. The problem was that Facebook allowed people to look for a people smuggler in the old policy. The new one has added that it will now block “Content that asks for human smuggling services.”

Is Meta really serious about solving this problem, or just trying to be less obvious about helping criminals?

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