Facebook Questions Swirl Over New Photo App

Facebook Questions Swirl Over New Photo App

Facebook RUSSIA Scandal – Possible Disturbing Ties Uncovered

(RightWing.org) – Thousands of Facebook users are signing up for a fun new app — but security experts are appalled. The image app was created by a Russian tech company, and it’s reportedly collecting a mass of personal data from users. Is a new profile pic worth the security risk?

The New Profile Pic app, an add-on to Facebook, lets users upload a photo of themselves which is then converted into a digitized avatar. The app’s creators, Linerock Investments Ltd, promise that the avatars are “always fresh” and “reflect your current mood,” and it’s quickly becoming very popular.

However, cyber security experts are worried about exactly who runs the app and why it collects so much information. According to DailyMail, Linerock is registered in Moscow, although its owners claim it’s actually based in the British Virgin Islands. They say the company has “development and customer support offices in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus” and that the Moscow address belongs to the founder of the company — but the company spokeswoman has a Russian name.

Meanwhile, anyone who signs up to New Profile Pic has to agree to let the app access their IP address, browser type and settings, cellphone handset data and any other pics they’ve posted on Facebook. It also collects user data from other companies — and at least some of this information is stored on its servers. Worst of all, the image processing technology it uses to generate avatars can also be used for facial recognition.

A cute new avatar might be tempting, but there are risks involved. You don’t know exactly who you’re dealing with, how much of your data they have, and what they plan to do with it. Is identity theft a chance you want to take?

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