Facebook Has “Secret Rules” Behind Censorship and Shadowbanning, Report Finds

Facebook Has

(RightWing.org) – The Wall Street Journal has published a new report that might help bewildered Facebook users understand why the platform has suspended their accounts. It turns out that while the social media giant makes you agree to their terms and conditions when you sign up, you’re also subject to extra rules that you never get to see – even when you break them.

The May 5 WSJ article by Kirsten Grind lifts the lid on secret rules, which Facebook regularly uses to justify deleting content, “shadowbanning” users and even blocking accounts. Grind says Facebook uses algorithms that make some content less visible in an attempt to avoid disputes and accusations of censorship – but results in sanctioning of users for breaking rules they didn’t know existed. According to Grind, this lets Facebook restrict free speech without having to explain itself.

Just this week, its own oversight board sharply criticized Facebook for its indefinite ban of former president Trump. Now, it turns out ordinary Americans are victims, too – and even the notoriously liberal WSJ appears worried.

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