Facebook Facing Criminal Investigation After It Props up Violent Speech Against Russians

Facebook Facing Criminal Investigation After It Props Up Violent Speech Against Russians

(RightWing.org) – Facebook is notorious for its strict and often irrational censorship. The platform routinely bans Conservatives from the platform with the excuse that their statements “spread hate.” Now, though, Facebook is allowing users to call for people’s deaths – as long as those people are Russian soldiers. It seems Russia has taken issue with that.

On March 10, Reuters reported that Meta Platforms, the tech giant that owns Facebook and Instagram, has temporarily changed its rules on speech discouraging violence. Meta platforms will now allow users in several Eastern European countries – including Russia and Ukraine – to post comments urging violence against the Russian invasion force in Ukraine or calling for the assassination of Russian and Belarussian leaders. However, threats to ordinary Russian citizens are still forbidden.

The policy change has infuriated Russia. On March 11, the Kremlin’s Investigative Committee, which reports directly to President Vladimir Putin, announced it was opening a criminal case against Meta. The committee says the company is violating Russian law banning public calls for “terrorist activity.” Now, it’s asked a court to recognize Meta as an extremist organization, which would block it from operating in Russia.

Big tech companies have become used to doing what they want. Has Meta finally gone too far and angered an opponent who isn’t afraid of social media?

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