Experts Weigh in on Trump’s Use of a Bondsman

( – Former president Donald Trump was recently arrested in Georgia on racketeering charges. Immediately after his arraignment, he walked out of the jail because he’d already agreed to pay his bond. However, some are wondering why he used a bail bondsman to do it.

On August 24, Trump surrendered himself at Atlanta, Georgia’s Fulton County Jail to be indicted for 13 alleged felony charges related to the 2020 presidential election. Unlike his three previous indictments this year, his mugshot was taken and released to the public; then, he was released on a $200,000 bond, which he had agreed in advance to pay.

In fact, though, it seems he didn’t pay it all himself. Although Trump claims to be a billionaire, and the Trump Organization’s annual revenue is large enough to support that claim, media outlets are reporting that he paid $20,000 of it himself and obtained a guarantee for the rest from Charles Shaw, a Georgia bail bondsman.

It didn’t take long before social media picked up on that fact. Tristan Snell, an activist lawyer, crowed that Trump had borrowed the rest of the money because he “COULDN’T PAY HIS OWN BAIL.” In fact, this isn’t accurate; a bail bondsman doesn’t lend the money but guarantees to pay it if the bondee absconds.

Lisa Rubin, a legal analyst for MSNBC, claimed it was “unusual” for a billionaire to pay a bond in cash, although she admitted Trump has done this before. She went on to speculate that Trump is “ridiculously cheap” or had financial problems.

Many other liberals on social media seem to be making the same assumption — that Trump arranged a bail bond because he’s short of cash, but one bail bondsman suggested a different explanation. Ira Judelson, a New Yorker who specializes in celebrity clients, told “Business Insider” that prominent clients like to hire a bondsman to ensure the process goes smoothly and they don’t violate the terms of their bail. The one Trump is using also specializes in well-known clients, so it’s at least as likely Trump wanted him on the team to avoid any expensive mistakes.

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