Escaped Illegal Alien (and Convict) Arrested in MA

( – Massachusetts residents have just had another reminder of the dangers of “sanctuary” policies for illegal immigrants. Boston police recently arrested a convicted sex offender with no right to be in the US. Now it turns out he’d fled there from California.

In mid-October, cops in Waltham, Massachusetts arrested an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who was wanted in California. The 35-year-old had been convicted on child sex charges in November 2021 in California and sentenced to three years in jail. Unfortunately, he was released after serving just one year and then failed to register himself as a sex offender.

At that point, California authorities started looking for him, but he’d already moved to Massachusetts — without reporting the move to state officials, as he was required to do because of his conviction. After his most recent arrest, the Waltham District Court released him on October 17, at which point he was immediately arrested by Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Boston.

ERO, a part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), says the Guatemalan entered the US through Los Angeles, California, in 2011 on a non-immigrant, time-limited visa, then remained in the country illegally when it expired. He didn’t apply for a further visa or legal residency, has no right to be here, and will now be held in ERO custody until he can be deported. Director Todd Lyons of the Boston Field Office said “Convicted sex offenders have no right to hide out in our communities and they pose a threat to public safety.”

According to ICE figures, ERO officers arrested 46,396 foreign criminals in fiscal year 2022. Between them, they had almost 200,000 charges and convictions, including 1,501 homicides, 8,164 sex offenses, and 21,531 assaults. Unfortunately, liberal judges and officials never seem to think about the risk these criminals present before releasing them back into American cities.

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