Eric Trump Says Durham Found Dirt on the Clintons!

Eric Trump Says Durham Found Dirt on the Clintons!

( – Former President Donald Trump’s son says an investigation looking for links between his father’s organization and Russia backfired badly when an inquiry into the FBI probe turned up evidence that Hillary Clinton was behind it.

On September 19, Eric Trump, the former president’s second son, told Fox News Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manufactured the Alfa Bank scandal. The basis of the scandal was that The Trump Organization allegedly colluded with a Russian bank linked to President Vladimir Putin during the 2016 election cycle to covertly communicate using the bank’s computer servers.

As executive vice-president of the Trump Organization, Trump says he worked closely with the FBI during their abortive probe, and they found no evidence of any links with Alfa Bank. The FBI based their investigation on one tip given to the New York Times, and now, Trump says that tip came from Clinton’s team.

On September 16, federal prosecutors indicted lawyer Michael Sussman, who advised the Clinton campaign, for lying to the FBI about alleged links between Trump and Russia. That, Eric Trump says, is the smoking gun. And now, he wants to know if Clinton will ever be held accountable for it. “She paid for… a lawyer from one of the biggest law firms in the country to go in and lie to the FBI,” he said. “And guess what? No one even rings her doorbell.”

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