Epstein Messages From Banker Say “I Miss You”

(RightWing.org) – Another senior bank official has been linked to Jeffrey Epstein. Newly revealed emails show that a former executive with JPMorgan sent a message to the disgraced financier after he was first jailed for abusing kids. Horrifyingly, the message said, “I miss you.”

On July 13, Bloomberg released emails from 2008 between Epstein and Jes Staley, who was a senior executive in JPMorgan’s private banking division at the time. Epstein had just been sentenced to 18 months in prison for procuring a minor girl for prostitution and was locked up in the Palm Beach County Stockade. JPMorgan’s in-house lawyer was warning executives that he was “not an honorable person in any way” and the bank shouldn’t have him as a client. Despite this, however, two weeks after Epstein’s sentencing, Staley sent him a message that said, “I miss you. The world is a tough place.”

Staley went on to ask Epstein for advice about getting a $1 million boost to his $24 million salary. Epstein replied, telling him to insist on the raise. More messages followed, with Epstein telling Staley their friendship was “profound.” At the same time, disquiet with Epstein was spreading through the company, with CEO Jamie Dimon telling colleagues that Staley’s superior was “uncomfortable” with the billionaire investor.

Despite all the doubts from executives and lawyers, Epstein remained a client of JPMorgan until 2013 — five years after his conviction. Four years after he died in an apparent suicide in a New York prison, new revelations continue to emerge about his web of contacts in the finance industry. Now it seems he used those contacts to stay involved despite being a convicted child abuser.

In January 2011, JPMorgan executives were trying to offload Epstein as a client, but Staley resisted the move. On January 11, 2011, the head of the private banking division, compliance officer Maryanne Ryan complained that it “seems it all is due to Jes’s personal relationship.” How many more relationships did Epstein manage to exploit through his long and sordid career?

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