Elon Musk Unimpressed by Virus Scare

Elon Musk Unimpressed by Virus Scare

(RightWing.org) – Various global industries, like, oil, auto and tech, are being adversely affected by the coronavirus. Fears of the spreading pathogen have disrupted supply chains and lowered overall international trading capabilities. The result is that almost everyone from the average Joe to Wall Street executives are panicking over how the virus will shape economies going forward.

However, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, isn’t one of them.

Musk’s tweet caused a fair bit of controversy and backlash. Some aligned with him, saying that the coronavirus scare is being blown out of proportion. Others felt that the tech guru wasn’t taking the coronavirus threat seriously because he might be more insulated from it and its direct effects.

However, he might have a point, given how the internet and social media have changed how we interact with and share news.

The growing presence of social media in our lives might have a bigger impact on how we interpret unsettling events than we’ve given it credit for.

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