Elon Musk “KILL LIST” Bombshell — Red Alert!

Elon Musk Put on a

Elon Musk Put on a “Kill List”

(RightWing.org) – Entrepreneur Elon Musk continues stirring up controversy in the United States over his efforts to purchase Twitter and restore free speech to the platform. A recent exchange on the platform shows that the billionaire has also raised some eyebrows overseas — to the extent his name briefly appeared on a kill list.

On October 14, Canadian activist and blogger Eva Karene Bartlett posted a tweet claiming that a well-known Ukrainian group called Myrotvorets added Musk’s name to its ongoing kill list. She noted that 327 children and other notable figures like former Pink Floyd Bassist Roger Waters appeared on the list and included a screenshot of Musk’s entry on the group’s website.

About seven hours later, Musk commented on Bartlett’s post, questioning whether the list was real and asking for the kill list’s URL. Musk followed up a couple of hours later, posting a link to the Myrotvorets group’s Wikipedia page and an additional one-word tweet that read “concerning.”

For those unfamiliar with the Myrotvorets, the group bills itself as a “center for research” into “crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, humanity, and… international law.” The organization’s website lists its location in Warsaw, Poland, and Langley, Virginia, USA.

It remains unclear why Musk’s name appeared on the list, but ZeroHedge reported that his name was “reportedly” removed in the wake of the attention it drew on social media platforms.

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