Elizabeth Warren Signals 2020 White House Run

Elizabeth Warren Signals 2020 White House Run
Elizabeth Warren Signals 2020 White House Run

With nearly two years to go until the next presidential election, the Democrat race to challenge President Trump is already building up steam. The latest hopeful to make a move is Senator Elizabeth Warren, who’s a radical Leftist right now but has been all over the political spectrum in search of votes. Warren has already clashed with our current president more than a few times – a head-on contest between them is likely to be bloody.
Speculation has been growing for a few weeks that Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren might throw her hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential race. On Monday Warren confirmed that, telling a press conference that she’s setting up an exploratory committee as a first step towards the Democrat nomination.


  • In a fiery speech to journalists, Warren claimed that Washington “works great for the wealthy and the well-connected,” and says she wants to change that so the government works better for everyone. That’s fairly standard rhetoric, and of course coming from Warren it has a strong Leftist slant – but her personal political journey has been far more complicated than most of her supporters realize.
  • Warren is currently ranked as one of the USA’s top 20 “progressive” politicians, and she’s positioned herself well out on the left of the Democratic Party – if she does run, she’ll be competing with Bernie Sanders for the hard left vote. Warren wasn’t always a Leftist, though. In fact, until 1996 she was a registered Republican.
  • According to Warren, she voted for the GOP because she thought they were better at looking after the economy. She says she changed her mind because the Republicans favored big business over the middle class, and switched to the Democratic Party. The thing is, Warren’s now moved way beyond the point where her claims to support the middle class are believable; she advocates for high-tax policies that would hit ordinary Americans hard to pay for expanded welfare programs.
  • Many suspect that Warren’s change of party allegiance was aimed more at picking up votes than putting the economy right. She’s been accused of manipulation before, most famously with her claims to Native American ancestry – claims that finally led to her taking a DNA test, with equivocal results that were labeled “worthless” by Native American leaders.

One thing’s for sure – if Warren is the scariest war party on the horizon, President Trump probably won’t be in too much of a rush to circle the wagons.