Elizabeth Warren Requests Censorship of Amazon Best Sellers

Elizabeth Warren Requests Censorship of Amazon Best Sellers

(RightWing.org) – A Democrat senator has told Amazon to censor books that don’t agree with what the current administration is saying. It seems the First Amendment now means we have the freedom to agree with President Biden.

On September 7, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wrote to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, accusing the retail giant of helping spread COVID-19 by publishing “misinformation.” Warren claims her staff searched Amazon for books on the coronavirus pandemic and found works that disagree with the official party line. She says by “allowing” people to buy these books, the company is endangering public health.

Of course, while Warren is free to call books “misinformation,” that’s only her opinion, and while she’s entitled to have an opinion, so is everyone else. Unfortunately, Warren seems to think only opinions matching her own should be permitted, and now she’s demanding Amazon do the dirty work for her.

Warren’s problem is Amazon is selling books by authors such as Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has controversial opinions on the coronavirus vaccine. She complains Amazon’s algorithms rank Mercola’s books among the top sellers but doesn’t seem to understand they’re highly ranked because lots of people buy them.

In any case, politicians shouldn’t be telling booksellers what books they’re allowed to sell. Dress it up however you like; that’s censorship, and it’s unconstitutional.

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