Election Changed After Officials Mysteriously Found a “Vote Flip”

Election Changed After Officials Mysteriously Found A

Election CHANGED After Suspicious “Vote Flip” Discovered

(RightWing.org) – When voters began to distrust the 2020 election results, it was a significant threat to America. In many cases, they had good reason to question it. Free and fair elections are a bedrock for the country’s security. Some recent developments shed light on this disturbing issue.

A staple of military service is attention to detail, and it’s woven into the fabric of the armed forces. Some say what goes wrong in the small details may escalate into more significant problems. For decades, officials told voters they could trust non-paper ballots. Unfortunately, programming errors and other issues recently impacted one local race. It’s spotlighting what might happen ahead of the all-important 2022 midterm elections, and the problem may be more common than many realize.

Officials Audit Local Election Results

On Tuesday, August 2, in Cherokee County, Kansas, voters cast ballots in a county commissioner primary. What authorities discovered was disturbing and concerning. Kansas law requires an audit of a single federal, statewide, legislative, and county race in even-numbered years during a non-presidential year. Last week, voters got lucky when Cherokee County drew the straw, and its election underwent an audit.

Election results initially indicated challenger Lance Nichols was the primary race winner. Yet, the only audit of a county race in the state revealed a thumb drive flipped votes. The hand recount proved that incumbent Commissioner Myra Frazier actually won.

That begs a lot of questions. Among them, how many other elections experienced that problem with no trace? How many races were declared wrongly?

In a statement released to local media, County Clerk Rebecca Brassart said authorities found improper programming on the thumb drives. She said the company responsible for them was immediately contacted and stated it took responsibility for the error. She said they initiated a hand recount and switched the winner.

Is This Incident Isolated?

Kansas voters will never know if it was an isolated incident. What if someone was elected and the voters didn’t approve? How would they view the legitimacy of elections? If it happened once, couldn’t it happen twice?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, glitches and human error have fallen under the radar across the country. In Dekalb County, Georgia, a candidate got shortchanged by 3,792 votes in the board of commissioners race. Yet, she actually won the election day votes and the race.

In March, officials changed voting machines in Williamson County, Tennessee, after a 2020 debacle. It appears multiple machine tabulations didn’t correctly record after authorities determined it rejected eligible ballots.

So, is there a problem across the country? Are people serving in government who voters didn’t vote for and weren’t confirmed by audits?

You decide.

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