Elected Official Tries To Intimidate Police Over Traffic Stop

Elected Official Tries To Intimidate Police Over Traffic Stop

(RightWing.org) – On January 27, CBS-affiliated television station KUTV released body cam footage of an elected official in Utah attempting to intimidate a police officer over a traffic stop and the subsequent arrest of his son. The network recently obtained the clip using a public records request.

On November 25, longtime San Juan County Commissioner, Bruce Adams, approached Deputy Wyatt Holyoak at the scene of the arrest. The sheriff’s office had contacted him to pick up his son’s car to avoid having to impound the vehicle.

The body cam footage shows an angry Adams verbally accosting Holyoak shortly after he arrived to retrieve his son’s car. Adams insisted on knowing why deputies arrested his son, Kenneth Adams. Holyoak explained that another deputy pulled over his son for a traffic violation and subsequently discovered he had an outstanding arrest warrant signed by the judge who presided over his 2020 conviction for burglary.

The situation quickly got out of control, and Deputy Holyoak called his supervisor to obtain permission to show Adams the warrant. After receiving his approval, Holyoak pulled up the warrant on a laptop in his squad car and read it to Adams.

Adams said his son had already disposed of the case and told Holyoak the arrest wasn’t valid. He also demanded the immediate release of his son. The deputy advised him that the sheriff’s office didn’t have the authority to do that.

Commissioner Adams responded by threatening to take legal action against the sheriff’s office. “Do you want me to sue the [expletive] county sheriff?” he exclaimed.

Holyoak filed a report on the incident, explaining it “appeared” Adams was “trying to use his influence as a county commissioner” to intimidate him. Holyoak also wrote that Adams used several expletives during the confrontation.

On January 27, KUTV published excerpts from an interview with Adams. The commissioner admitted he was wrong and expressed remorse over his behavior, calling the incident “embarrassing.” He explained he was “emotional” at the time but felt bad he acted improperly.

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