Dr. Fauci Is Still Funneling Taxpayer Money to Chinese Bio-Labs

Dr. Fauci Is Still Funneling Taxpayer Money to Chinese Bio-Labs

Look Who Dr. Fauci Is Funneling Money To

(RightWing.org) – Dr. Anthony Fauci has locked horns with conservative politicians for months over allegations his agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has funded potentially dangerous research in China. He repeatedly denied these claims, but a recent review of government documents indicates the director is still funneling taxpayer money to Chinese bio-labs.

A National Institutes of Health database search showed the NIAID is funding two Chinese medical studies based at military-led universities. The first focuses on combating the transmission of an acute infectious disease caused by the dengue virus in China. The agency has provided $1,079,238 since 2010, including $132,912 on June 1, 2022.

Similarly, the second research program hopes to develop a transmission-blocking vaccine for an exceptionally resilient strain of malaria called plasmodium vivax. The division of NIH approved $135,000 in funding for the project in April 2022. Overall, it has received $407,000 since 2020.

Fauci’s support of Chinese-based projects may catch up with him, thanks to Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) efforts. In July 2021, he made good on his earlier threats to refer the NIAID director to Justice Department officials for allegedly lying to Congress about the funding of dangerous gain-of-function studies at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

What do you think about Dr. Fauci using your hard-earned tax dollars to finance Chinese bio-research facilities?

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