Dr. Fauci Admits Economy Will Not Reopen Soon Under Biden

Dr. Fauci Admits Economy Will Not Reopen Soon Under Biden

(RightWing.org) – Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to reimagine and build a new economy. As president, he vowed to provide “immediate relief” for families. Sadly, words and empty promises don’t put food on the table or pay past due bills.

In a rare moment of unbridled honesty, Dr. Anthony Fauci ponied up and admitted he didn’t think the country would be “completely normal a year from now.” He made those remarks at an event organized at the University of Edinburgh on Tuesday, March 2.

Of particular note is the fact his remarks directly contradict those of his boss. Biden told reporters earlier that day his “hope” was that the country would be “back to normal” by this time next year. Whoops!

Whether you opt to run with Fauci’s prediction or Biden’s, both paint a grim picture for America’s immediate future. Additionally, various other issues have arisen due to the pandemic — soaring mental health issues, frontline workers who have PTSD, school shutdowns, etc.

Donald Trump warned the nation last March not to let the cure be worse than the problem itself. Sadly, that admonition remains true this year.

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